In 1964 the British Labior Party won the elections and some Arabs were overjoyed and partied to celebrate the end of Eden and

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Al Wahdawi, Yemen

Arabs Should Not Pin Their Hopes on Obama - Or McCain


"If U.S. foreign policy is changed, it will only be a negative change, because Israel is joined to America's hip and its security has already been guaranteed by both presidential candidates. ... We Arabs must not build our dreams on the fact that Bush is leaving and Obama coming in."




Translated By Nicolas Dagher


September 9, 2008


Yemen - Al-Wahdawi - Original Article (Arabic)

Pan-Arabist and Libyan despot Muammar Qadhafi comments on U.S. democracy and 'our Kenyan brother' Barack Obama, expressing disappointment with Obama's  comments to AIPAC, June 11.

Al-Jazeera TV, Qatar: Qadhafi warns that Obama Suffers Inferiority Complex That Might Make Him Behave 'Whiter Than the White,' June 11, 00:07:43RealVideo

In 1964, the British Labour Party won the elections and some Arabs were overjoyed and partied to celebrate the fall of Prime Minister Eden  and his fellow conservatives, who took part in the Suez Campaign against Pan-Arab Egypt in 1956 . Their joy was not the result of a correct and conscious reading of the events but was based on ignorance while thinking that the "Tories" would side with the Arabs - so they thought!!!


[Editor's Note: The crisis over the strategically-important Suez Canal was triggered by a military attack on Egypt by Britain, France, and Israel, after Egypt nationalized the Canal. Interestingly - it was the United States which stepped in stop the British-French-Israeli invasion ].


A few years later, specifically in 1967, came the Six Day War , in which the Labour Party, in addition to the United States and France, played a central role in support of the Zionist aggression. Arabs discovered that they were wrong about their Tory "Friends."


[Editor's Note: The Israeli version of the Six Day War is diametrically opposite to the views of this editorial. Partly as a result of the perceived Israeli aggression during the Suez crisis, Egypt, Jordan, and Syria, along with forces from Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria - amassed to invade Israel. The Israeli pre-emptively struck the Egyptian Air Force and in the end, Israel gained control of the Sinai Peninsula, the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights ].


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Today, the U.S. elections are fast approaching. The race between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John Mc Cain is tense, so we have numerous Arabs beating the drums, applauding and siding with Obama, considering him a non-Anglo-Saxon, non-Protestant - exempt from the worst influence of American racism - and fancying him a colored Catholic!! Some Arabs long for the 20th of January to witness George Bush leaving the White house and Obama going in, as if to grant him victory in advance!! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Whether Obama is better than McCain will only affect American citizens and not us, since in the first address by this "Colored Catholic," he will express support for "Israel" and the safeguarding of its security, which is synonymous with the security of the United States.


[Editor's Note: Why the author considers Catholics less racist than Protestants - or why he says Arabs consider Obama a "colored Catholic" rather than a Protestant - we cannot ascertain. In fact, Obama is a Protestant. As anyone who has watched the campaign knows, Obama has until recently been a member of the Trinity United Church of Christ, which is categorized as Congregationalist Protestant].


It's true that whoever wins the election, American foreign policy will witness some changes, but those changes will not be in our favor [on favor of Pan-Arabists]. Because, for example, if changes occur in Afghanistan, Israel isn't located there; and if changes toward Iran and North Korea take place, Israel isn't in their neighborhood. If U.S. foreign policy changes in the Arab World, it will only be a negative change, because Israel is joined to America's hip and its security has already been guaranteed by both U.S. presidential candidates (and even if it wasn't, some Arabs have also guaranteed it).



It's true that since the Democratic Party won the majority in the House and Senate, they have opposed the foreign policy of the Republicans presided over by Bush and his junta, accusing him of pursuing failed policy in Afghanistan and Iraq. And it's also true that the Baker-Hamilton report [the 9-11 Commission] made several proposals and suggestions to White House decision-makers and that the promises and statements of both candidates are that they'll change American foreign policy. This may all be true, but these changes will be in the interests of American citizens and their strategic "Zionist" allies and focused on American interests overseas, particularly the control of oil resources and the further opening of weapons markets, as well as countering the Russian bear which is awakening. For all these reasons, the Americans will create a new September 11.


Meanwhile, the Zionist entity is taking advantage of our disunity and weakness, hoping to participate in a new world order in which new entities come to power and where ruling regimes fall - even those who have been historically loyal to their American masters.


As for us "real" Arabs, we look toward the insurgents and resistance, hoping that the day comes when Arabs make their own choices without waiting for decisions from the White House.


It is said that once upon a time, a man went to sea and experienced its storms and high waves. Then he went to sea again and found it to be calm with just a pleasant breeze. The man said to the sea:" I won't be fooled or tempted by your placidness, for I have seen your waves, which horrify and terrify."


Therefore, we Arabs have to learn from this man and not build our dreams on the fact that Bush is leaving and Obama coming in. Let us have no doubts, our problems will not be solved by the Democrats under Barack Obama and his deputy Joe Biden; or by the Republicans led by John McCain or his deputy, Palin.


Our problems will be solved only when we make real the true dream - that of national reconciliation, Arab solidarity and opposition to Zionism. In so doing, we will restore our pride and dignity. And ever after, the enemy - any enemy - will have to reckon with us on that basis. Ever after, we'll no longer beat the drums for anyone else.


Glory Be to the Arab Nation …Victory to its people … Paradise to its Martyrs … and Allah Akbar [God is Great].






Alsahwa, Yemen

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Al-Wahdawi, Yemen

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