AUDIO: Climate Fix to Bank On: Seth Itzkan Appeases Koch Bros. and Al Gore (The World Meets America Report, Ep. 20)


Interview Conducted By William Kern


November 24, 2015


The World Meets America Report United States Interview in (English)

William Kern talks to futurist and soil-advocate Seth Itzkan on a groundbreaking way to reduce atmospheric carbon while greatly expanding economic opportunities. Known as carbon sequestration in soil, widespread adoption would also reverse another of the planet's most difficult problems, desertification. Itzkan argues that carbon sequestration in soil will give such a boost to the economy and improve the quality of life on earth so greatly that Al Gore and the Koch brothers both will be able to raise their glasses in praise. "The soil climate movement is a big tent," says Itzkan. "Let's drink to that!"


Seth Itzkan says sequestering carbon in soil will:

-- be far more effective at reducing atmospheric carbon than relying on emissions cuts

-- boost the economy almost everywhere

-- dramatically improve soil across a wide range of terrain

-- boost crop yields of many of the poorest farmers in the world

-- boost the population of livestock for many of the poorest farmers

-- dramatically improve not only the amount of food - but its quality

-- reverse desertification across the world, restoring land that has been unproductive for decades or even centuries


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AUDIO: Sequestering Carbon in Soil - A Convenient Climate Truth with Futurist Seth Itzkan; The World Meets America...

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-- Facebook Page of Soil4Climate: Click Here  

-- Seth Itzkan YouTube Channel: Click Here


Seth Itzkan Quotes:

"When you are standing in grass that is four feet deep...on areas that only years ago were capped desert, its the most empowering feeling you can imagine, and it's such vindication for this method. (It) is simultaneously reversing global warming and reversing desertification."


"Everything is starting to shift. The dollars are starting to shift and the research is starting to shift. And, I hope, within the climate activist community, their awareness of this issue is also starting to shift. So, we can really look forward to these meetings coming up in Paris to see soils on the agenda."


Seth Itzkan at Ted x:  


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