A day after NATO attacked a border post killing 24 Pakistan troops,

angry men burn a photo of President Obama and an unidentified NATO

general. While NATO now claims its soldiers were fired upon first, the

attacks have further enraged the Pakistan public, where pressure is

growing to completely sever ties to the United States.



The Nation, Pakistan

Cost of Friendship with America is Far Too High


"It is Pakistanís turn to turn down NATO's blandishments and reject an alliance that comes at such a high cost of blood from its soldiers. The pretext that the incident occurred because the helicopters were chasing insurgents must be exposed as the lie that it is."




November 29, 2011


Pakistan - The Nation - Original Article (English)

One among many in Pakistan burning American flags today, after a deadly NATO helicopter attack on a check point near the Afghanistan border killed 24 Pakistan troops, Nov. 29.


EXPRESS TRIBUNE VIDEO: The scene at the Salala checkpost after NATO's unprovoked attack, Nov. 27, 00:01:22RealVideo

NATO's unprovoked helicopter raid on a checkpost in Mohmand Agency in the wee hours of Saturday killed 24 sleeping Pakistani troops. The reaction of the Pakistani people continues to be strong, with protests breaking out across the country since the attack on Sunday. Such demonstrations coincide with others around the world, all of which highlight not just for Pakistan but for the entire globe the high cost of being a friend to the United States. With China and the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation joining the chorus and supporting Pakistan, the global condemnation is proof positive that the incident was a very serious violation - if any more were needed,.


The United States and NATO have sought to put a positive spin on the incident. Not because the NATO pilots were right, but because Pakistan halted military cooperation- cooperation that is essential for the continued occupation of Afghanistan by American forces. Among those calling Pakistan to have its decision reversed were U.S. Secretaries of Defense and State, Leon Panetta and Hillary Clinton, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey, ISAF Commander General John Allen and NATO Secretary General Fogh Rasmussen.


Now it is Pakistanís turn to turn down such blandishments and reject an alliance that comes at such a high cost of blood from its soldiers. The pretext that the incident occurred because the helicopters were chasing insurgents must be exposed as the lie that it is. This is a pretext that readily feeds groundless fears about the Haqqani Network and ignores that the incident occurred in a pacified area bereft not only of Haqqani Network members, but any resistance fighters at all. Facing defeat at the hands of an ill-equipped and badly-armed opposition in Afghanistan and led astray by arrogance, it is almost beyond doubt that NATO is groping for excuses to explain away its mistakes.



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Pakistan has a record of giving in to NATO's blandishments. When it cut NATO's Afghanistan supply lines last year, it restored them after accepting NATO's apology. Islamabad should not make the same mistake this time. It should stand firm. In fact, it should go a few steps further and end its alliance with the U.S. and all participation in its War on Terror. And it should make clear to all, particularly the U.S. and NATO, that Pakistan will brook no further interference or foreign presence in the region. That goes especially for a presence that is so inimical to indigenous forces.


The government must pay careful attention to the fact that outrage against the killing of our troops is so strong that any attempt to carry on business as usual will turn public attention (and anger) away from NATO, where it is now, to the government. Beset by crises as it is, Islamabad can't afford to allow that to happen.


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