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Afghan Official Asserts: 'Osama Blew Himself Up'


"The senior Afghan intelligence official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that the Americans had planned to nab him alive. 'But they miscalculated. Osama blew himself up to avoid capture.'"


By Ashraf Javed


May 7, 2011


Pakistan - The Nation - Original Article (English)

Did Osama bin Laden end his life the way he ordered so many others to do?

AL-JAZEERA VIDEO NEWS: The U.S. releases videos found in Osama bin Laden's mansion in Pakistan, May 7, 00:15:12RealVideo

LAHORE: Soon after U.S. Special Forces (SEALs) launched a late-night raid on his compound in Abbotabad on Monday Osama bin Laden, the face of al-Qaeda and the man who introduced suicide bombing to Pakistan in the mid 1990s, blew himself up to avoid capture. This is according to a senior Afghan intelligence official.


It has been learned that his body was cut to pieces, as happens in suicide attacks, leaving no option for U.S. forces other than simply to identify him. The senior Afghan intelligence official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that the Americans had planned to nab him alive. “But they miscalculated. Osama blew himself up to avoid capture,” he said confidently, but declined to give further details. The source asserted that before and after the action, he was in frequent contact with the U.S. Special Forces involved.


According to one counter-terrorism expert we spoke to, “The Americans had to conduct a DNA test to help establish his identity. That is why U.S. President Obama straightforwardly blocked publication of the photos, saying 'they might act as incitement to additional violence.' He (Osama) was left unrecognizable, which is why the photos are too disturbing to publish.”


The expert said that U.S. claims that their forces shot him (Osama) dead are completely false, adding that in a case of death by gunshot to the dead, he would have been identifiable, no matter how many times he was shot. The Americans claim they shot Osama in the head and chest. So why didn't they show his body parts?


As he was the man who introduced suicide bombing to Pakistan by directing the first-ever such suicide attack on the Egyptian Embassy in Islamabad in 1995, Osama fits the profile of someone who would use the tactic. “Back then, it was an Egyptian dissident who rammed a bomb-laden vehicle into the Embassy,” one of the experts emphasized.


Only the Tamils of Sri Lanka had taken up this trend earlier. “Osama combined his vision of Arab bravery and Tamil precision. He had begun recruiting around the world and he ordered hundreds of suicide attacks in Pakistan.   



“So in the end, he, too, blew himself up. That is why the Americans have nothing in hand to show or prove that they shot him dead. A suicide bomber explodes into pieces and only their DNA can identify them,” our expert said.


The authorities kept the compound closed for several days, only opening it to the media later on, which also raises questions about the authenticity and credibility of the U.S. operation.


In November 1995, a suicide bomber crashed a car loaded with explosives into the Egyptian Embassy in Islamabad, killing 14 people and injuring 59, including diplomats. A militant Egyptian organization, el-Gamaa el-Islamiya (Islamic Group), claimed responsibility.


The deadly attack was carried out only months after Pakistan had signed an extradition treaty with Egypt under which dozens of suspected terrorists were to be expelled.


Ayman al-Zawahiri - Egypt's 'most wanted' and al-Qaeda's no. 2 - planned that attack in 1994, shortly after aligning himself with Osama bin Laden.


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