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Downing American Drones: Iran Shows Pakistan the Way


"We now know that the U.S. can do nothing in response to countries like Iran or Pakistan when they destroy its drones."




January 4, 2011


Pakistan - The Nation - Original Article (English)

In a daring step to protect its frontiers, Iran has shot down two U.S. drones on a spying mission over its territory. It has therefore made it abundantly clear that no matter the consequences, it will brook no violation of its sovereignty.


To counter America's aggressive designs in the region, Iran has been gearing up for any untoward eventuality, upgrading its air defenses and producing a homemade drone named Karrar.


It's a pity that Pakistan, which has relatively more advanced technology than Iran, has never had the courage to bring down the intruding drones. It's an even a greater shame that the U.S. takes such outrageous liberties with a nuclear power and a military that has to its credit the demise of a former superpower (the USSR in Afghanistan).   




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While there is no shortage of Pakistan Air Force officers remarking that it would be child's play to shoot down the drones, the PPP-led federal government has quietly given the U.S. carte blanche to bomb the tribal areas. That voices of such gallant officers are being disregarded shows the lengths to which the government has gone to curry favor with the United States.


Moreover, the example of Iran should be regarded as the acid test of how, in a worst case scenario, America would react. We now know that the U.S. can do nothing in response to countries like Iran or Pakistan when they destroy its drones. The U.S. can boast of having armed forces equipped with cutting edge technology and a military budget which exceeds that of the entire world, but the impact of these is minimal against such bold resistance. Its military has suffered the humiliation of helplessness at the hands of the Taliban, who lack much of what is needed to wage war.


In any case, serious retaliation from the Pentagon against practical steps of opposition should not be expected.


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