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U.S. Disrespect for Pakistan

Sovereignty Must End


"This recent wave of attacks from across the border proves that U.S.-led forces no longer regard Pakistan as an ally in the War on Terror."




March 16, 2008


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Just a day after Pakistan's formal protest over the firing of missiles into the Tribal Areas by the U.S.-led coalition - killing two women and two children - four more missiles were fired into Boraki village in Kurram Agency. This recent wave of attacks from across the border prove that U.S.-led forces no longer regard Pakistan as an ally in the War on Terror. Under the contrary, one gets the impression that the U.S. considers Pakistan well within the zone of its War on Terror. In the past, these kinds of activities were kept secret. At least coalition forces used to inform Pakistani authorities before launching an attack. But despite protest and condemnation by Islamabad, the most recent round of attacks took place with no prior warning.


The Kurram Agency's political administration in never even knew who the targets of the attack were. But whether the targets were Pakistan's Frontier Corps. or the militants, the fact remains that the missiles fell near Frontier Corps checkpoint. Luckily no casualties were reported, since none of the missiles exploded. Apparently to avert the inevitable criticism, official sources claimed that they had no idea where the missiles had come from. Apart from these kinds of missile attacks, on many prior occasions ISAF forces have "mistakenly" crossed into Pakistan to fire on suspected militants, reportedly killing many civilians in the process. Many have been forced to flee because of these attacks.



Our government needs to log a strong protest. Such incidents not only jeopardize the War on Terror partnership between Pakistan and the U.S., they could propel matters out of control. In the past, such attacks were attributed to a lack of coordination. But this time around, Pakistani authorities were left in the dark.



In addition, Coalition forces must display some responsibility and grasp the fact that such attacks only exacerbate Pakistan's domestic security problem, already suffering the fallout from extremism.


Finally, it's about time a line was drawn in the sand between the Pakistan and Afghan borders. Coalition troops must be reminded to respect Pakistan's sovereignty.





























[Posted by WORLDMEETS.US March 16, 10:05am]

Coalition forces aren't alone in launching attacks in Pakistan. This man was injured when a suicide bomber blew himself up at a meetng of tribal elders and local officials in Peshewar - northwest Pakistan on Sunday. At least 35 people were killed.

—BBC VIDEO NEWS: Militants bomb an Italian restaurant in Islamabad apparently to kill foreigners, killing one and injuring ten, Mar. 15, 00:01:26RealVideo

RealVideo[LATEST NEWSWIRE PHOTOS: Pakistan Tribal Areas

An diplomat injured in a bomb blast at an Italian restaurant cries for help as he arrives at a hospital in Islamabad, Mar. 16. Islamist militants have changed tactics to target foreigners, officials said.