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Raid on bin Laden Compound Exposes Pakistan's 'Unnerving Vulnerability'


"People are baffled by the ISI's ignorance about the presence of such a high-value resident in a compound so mystifyingly close to our military installations. And they're horrified that although U.S. commandoes took over 40 minutes to conduct a raid on the compound, neither the Army nor Air Force acted to intercept them."




May 5, 2011


Pakistan - The Frontier Post - Home Page (English)

A supporter of the pro-Taliban Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Nazaryati Party cries at a funeral ceremony for Osama bin Laden, May 3.

EXPRESS TRIBUNE VIDEO, PAKISTAN: Pakistan's foreign minister defends Inter-Services Intelligence from foreign attack, May 5, 01:01:33RealVideo

There can be no quibbling with the detailed account provided by the Foreign Office on Pakistan's spectacular role in the so-called war on terror. Neither can one question how, thanks to the foibles, pranks and shenanigans of its main protagonists, Islamabad became its worst victim. Pakistan's contributions are indisputably tremendous - and its immense sacrifices matchless. It has suffered huge human and material losses on account of this war. At least 34,000 of its people, including children and women, have been killed. About 3,000 Pakistani soldiers have laid down their lives fighting this war; many more have lost limbs and lead disabled lives. And it has borne no less than staggering $68 billion in economic losses. Yet none of this is taken into account by the warís protagonists; they are out all the time out demonizing or denigrating Pakistan on one obscene pretext or the other, while their own acts are unarguably blemished, unclean and culpable.


But there is no point beating around the bush. No matter how unpalatable, the hard realities must now be accepted, if for no other reason than to fortify our own defenses. To their great benefit, Inter-Services Intelligence [ISI] may have been sharing information with the CIA and other friendly foreign intelligence agencies. Even in regard to the Abbottabad compound it may have done so. Still, it must be admitted that the Osama episode was a colossal failure on the part of the ISI, since it evidently didnít know he was holed up there. And even as the American raiders may have jammed all of our radar and their helicopters may have been fitted with stealth technology, their intrusion so deep into our territory after passing though a network of about 850 border posts without being noticed is hard to accept. This, too, must be admitted as a colossal failure of our defense security system.


Indeed, the entire episode exposed a worrisome vulnerability our defenses - and one that paradoxically, is playing out differently at home and abroad. Domestically, people are baffled by the ISI's ignorance about the presence of such a high-value resident in a compound so mystifyingly close to our military installations. And they're horrified that although U.S. commandoes took over 40 minutes to conduct a raid on the compound, neither the Army nor Air Force acted to intercept them. This has sharply exacerbated their security concerns, particularly about the nationís nuclear security-guarantee - even if unnecessarily. The reports that the Pakistan Air Force planes scrambled is no consolation. The planes did so only after the raiders had completed their mission and crossed our territory to return to their base. Rather, the long Air Force response time has worsened their fears.


Externally, this now-exposed vulnerability has given compulsive Pakistan-bashers a skin-ripping cudgel to beat it with. They are painting the ISIís ignorance of Osamaís presence as a mere cloak, while insinuating that it knew he has nested there. And to demonize our army, they are claiming that it knew about the compoundís location, which was so close to our military installations. In fact, they have latched on to the episode to castigate the Pakistani defense establishment as a double-dealer in the war against terrorism, in line with their familiar tirade against our army - the ISI in particular.



But now that a perilous vulnerability has been exposed, the military establishment must take an in-depth look into its security measures, identify holes that allowed the raiders to crawl through undetected, pinpoint flaws that permitted them carry out their raid without interruption, uncover the failings that led to such a delayed response by the Air Force, and reframe the entire defense-security mechanism.


The foreign secretary says that the Osama episode should now be put down to history. But such history isn't so easily forgettable. Although the Foreign Office has sounded a strong warning against a repetition of the raid - even by the Americans - this will certainly not restrain them - and they are already admitting as much. And one can never be sure of the Indians; their hawks have long sought surgical strikes on alleged terrorist training camps on our territory.


At the very least, a serious effort must now be undertaken to revive our sagging economy -our Achillesí heel in becoming a truly sovereign state, master of its own will and protector of its territorial sanctity. A nation with a beggarís bowl can't even imagine controlling its territorial sovereignty, let alone preserve it. Impenetrable defenses and economic self-reliance go hand in hand.



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