Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: Confronting a suspicious

and angry Pakistan may be her toughest mission yet.



The Frontier Post, Pakistan

Hillary a 'Bigger Liar' than Condoleezza


"She is turning out to be a bigger liar, a more malignant truth-twister and a greater diabolical chicaner than her predecessor Condoleezza Rice. Her act stinks, her talk stinks; she is all posturing. Although Pakistan's leadership and establishment may be slavishly dancing to her abominable tune, the people of this country aren't the least bit amused."




July 21, 2010


Pakistan - The Frontier Post - Home Page (English)

On a visit to Islamabad, Secretary of State Clinton has administered a dose of straight-talk that doesn't seem to have gone down too well with Pakistan's leadership or general public.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: In effort to win over skeptical Pakistanis, Hillary Clinton unveils a new U.S. aid package, July 20, 00:02:10RealVideo

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have steered a safe course by asserting that the trust deficit between Pakistan and the United States can't be wiped out overnight, but the way things are going, it won’t even evaporate in ages. The problem is that this deficit and the anger of the Pakistani public are motivated essentially by American dishonesty and the persistent betrayal and deception of this country by Washington. The horrible thing is that this type of American trickery remains fully in play, as they demonize Pakistan for religious extremism and militancy, the source of which is none other than America.


Although Pakistanis are inherently religious-minded, neither extremism nor militancy has been part of this. It was the United States and its cohorts who introduced our predominantly-moderate polity to such horrid phenomenon, when we fought a proxy war against the Soviet invaders of Afghanistan. Apart from corralling hordes of zealots from all over the world and disgorging them in Pakistan to send them on to Afghanistan's battlefields, the CIA unloaded bagfuls of greenbacks and petrodollars in Pakistan to create radical fanatics. They called them “mujahideen” who were recruited to fight the proxy war, which they fondly labeled the “Afghan Jihad,” The creation of this lethal concoction in which they had such a big hand, and which they abandoned the moment the Soviets retreated, has become a painful albatross around the neck of this country’s still-predominantly moderate polity.


Hillary Clinton holds meeting with Pakistan journalists.

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Despite this, Americans act as though they had no role in creating this vile phenomenon, and act as though it was an entirely indigenous occurrence. This enrages the people of Pakistan, as does America's despicable dishonesty in hiding the cowardice of their invading armies who refuse to confront, wound and capture the Taliban and their al-Qaeda allies in Afghanistan. They allow fleeing Taliban to freely return to their families and tribes in Afghanistan, regroup and become resurgent. They also show no soldiering in confronting the remnants of al-Qaeda, allowing them to hide with their sympathizers in Afghanistan or sneak into Pakistan.


Despite all this, they deceitfully talk as though Pakistan was the birthplace and nursery for al-Qaeda, which enormously increases the anger of the people of Pakistan, who watch their innocent compatriots killed in droves by CIA drone strikes. These purportedly target militants, only a few of which are eliminated, while far more civilians, mostly women and children, are killed.  



Now Hillary Clinton is pouring barrels of oil on the fire with her false talk of Osama bin Laden hiding in Pakistan and her threats of dire consequences if a terrorist strike on America is traced to this country. Indeed, she's turning out to be a bigger liar, a more malignant truth-twister, and a greater diabolical chicaner than her predecessor, Condoleezza Rice. Her act stinks, her talk stinks; she is all posturing. Although Pakistan's leadership and establishment may be slavishly dancing to her abominable tune, the people of this country aren't the least bit amused. They are boiling in anger over her posturing and outrageous outpourings. They are as deeply incensed at her straight-faced lies and nonchalant threats as they are with the overall act of the Obama Administration, which is making Pakistan pay the price for their spurious war in Afghanistan, while letting India reap all the benefits at Pakistan’s expense.


Video segment from Pakistan's E-Tribune on whether

Osama bin Laden is really in Pakistan, July 20.




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Since there's no sign of a change in the U.S. administration’s modus operandi in the region, any talk of an evaporation of the trust deficit can only be the prattle of an incorrigible optimist. There has been a long list of U.S. betrayals of this country over the past several decades, which grows with the passage of every year. Predictably, the list will continue to expand in the coming decades, since Pakistan invariably appears to every U.S. administration as a sacrificial goat to be exploited, manipulated, used, and then, when its usefulness is exhausted, sent to the slaughterhouse. Only the hierarchs of Islamabad are fooled. The people of Pakistan are not. They have been, and will continue to be, completely disillusioned by America’s rulers and henchmen, whatever their stripe. They aren't the least duped by some transient bribe of Uncle Sam that offers only impermanent, self-serving gains.


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