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Operation Against Bin Laden Spells Trouble for Pakistan


"For Islamabad, the entire affair is something of an embarrassment. Despite years of fervent denial, Osama bin Laden was found on Pakistani soil. And now that America's brazen operation in Abbotabad has occurred, there may be attempts to go after key militants in other urban centers."




May 3, 2011


Pakistan - The Daily Jang - Original Article (English)

A man from Pakistan's Jamatut Dawa Party cries at a funeral service for Osama bin Laden in Karachi, May 3.

AL-JAZEERA NEWS: Live coverage of the death of Osama bin Laden.RealVideo

The death of Osama bin Laden ends the story of a man who, over the last decade, dominated much of the global news, even after his post-September 11 disappearance - presumably into the mountains along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. A hero to some and a villain to many others, bin Laden remained al-Qaeda's leader until the end, even if there is some doubt about how much actual day-to-day command he wielded. That such delight over his death in a U.S. operation should pour in from many parts of the world comes as no surprise. While Washington has led the chorus, the rest of the West has chimed in. And not unexpectedly, India and Afghanistan have wasted no time in repeating allegations that Pakistan harbors terrorists. Within Pakistan though, except amongst extremist groups, there will be relief that a man whose operatives claimed lives in cities across the country is no more.


Certainly, the astonishing way bin Laden's killing was carried out left us all gasping in astonishment. bin Laden, and it appears at least two other people, including a woman, were killed in what the U.S. says was a gunfight, as helicopters swooped toward the palatial home where he, his guards, and some family members apparently lived. The estate stood not in some remote mountain valley, but in a peaceful suburb of Abbotabad, just kilometers from the Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul. Pakistan's failure to detect the presence of the world’s most wanted man is shocking, though it remains unclear what role, if any, our security and intelligence apparatus played in the affair.


In addition, it's hard to believe that foreign aircraft could have flown undetected and unchallenged so deeply into our airspace. The initial delay of any kind of official response only added to the confusion. After an emergency meeting with the president, one Foreign Office spokesperson finally issued a statement saying that the operation against bin Laden had been carried out in accordance with America's policy of going after him anywhere in the world. Meanwhile, President Obama spoke of Pakistani cooperation and discussed the operation with President Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani, describing bin Laden’s death as a victory.


Many questions still hang in the air. We may soon find answers to some of them, but others may long remain a mystery.


For Islamabad, the entire affair is something of an embarrassment. Despite years of fervent denial, bin Laden was found on Pakistani soil. And now that America's brazen operation in Abbotabad has occurred, there may be attempts to go after key militants in other urban centers. It's not a comforting thought considering the implications for our national sovereignty.    



Security at U.S. consular buildings has been stepped up in all cities. There have been reports of sporadic protests and it is yet to be seen whether they will spread. A lot may depend on how the operation and Pakistan’s role in it are perceived. The Western jubilation we are seeing on our TV screens should not distract us from the fact that militancy will continue. It has not died with bin Laden. Over the years, al-Qaeda has splintered and given rise to many other organizations. These will not only continue, but they may attempt to take revenge. So tragically, the dangers we face are far from over, even if the killing of bin Laden delivers a demoralizing blow to militants everywhere.


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