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Tehran Times, Iran

The Freemasonic Plot to Thwart Islamic Unity

Are the 'Machiavellian machinations of the mandarins of Freemasonry' behind a counter-Shiite Crescent, the ultimate goal of which is to thwart real Islamic unity? According to this op-ed article form Iran's tightly controlled Tehran Times, the hidden hand of the Western Freemason is at it again, this time creating a mercenary 'black' Shiite crescent to oppose the authentic 'red' one.


By Hamid Golpira


March 13, 2007


Iran - Tehran Times - Original Article (English)

The Western imperialists claim they seek to prevent a Shiite Crescent from rising over the Middle East and Asia, stretching from Lebanon to Afghanistan. But there is no such thing occurring.


The Machiavellian machinations of the mandarins of Freemasonry are subtle, and can only be discerned by the most astute observer.


[Editor's Note: The Freemasons are a fraternal order that began in medieval times as a guild for stone masons and that according to them, today are chiefly concerned with doing good public works and building communities. Others however, believe that the group is the hidden hand behind much of what occurs on this planet. Feeding this suspicion is the fact that at least 14 American Presidents - including George Washington, Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman and Gerald Ford - were members of the group.]


On the one hand, the Westerners claim they will make every effort to prevent the creation of a Shiite Crescent across Asia and the Middle East, but on the other hand, they actually seek to set up a pseudo- Shiite Crescent in the region which would be ruled by their mercenaries.


It seems that the Western imperialists are in the process of abandoning their pseudo-Sunni vassals in the region [Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt and Pakistan] who have outlived their usefulness. These are symbolized by the execution of their former ally, Saddam Hussein.


The nominal Shiites that the enemies of Islam plan to enlist as their vassals could be called Black Shiites.


The twentieth century Islamic philosopher Ali Shariati devised a theory which stated that Red Shiaism is the religion of martyrdom, and that Black Shiaism is the religion of mourning. According to Shariatis thinking, the Red Shiites are true believers who are struggling for social justice and who understand the depth of Islams culture of self-sacrifice and martyrdom, whereas the Black Shiites have deviated from the path and only practice rituals such as ceremonies for mouring.

The Western intelligence agencies are actually cultivating Black Shiaism and are grooming Black Shiites to be their puppets.

Since Black Shiites have a greater tendency toward anti-Sunni sectarianism, the CIA and other Western intelligence agencies plan to use them to create division in the Islamic world and implement their "managed chaos" strategy.


But the Red Shiites are aware of the plot to divide the Islamic world and are working together with non-sectarian Sunnis to establish a pan-Islamic movement.


Thus, the Red Shiite Crescent that is rising is actually a Pan-Islamic Crescent.


But Western states that seek to dominate the region will do everything in their power to prevent such a Pan-Islamic Crescent from rising.


Some of the suspicious activities in Iraq that are clearly meant to fan the flames of sectarian strife and create animosity between Sunnis and Shiites, are part of this plot against the pan-Islamists.

Yet, the efforts of pan-Islamist Sunnis and Shiites are thwarting this plot.


Islamic unity is the worst nightmare of Western imperialists who dream of global hegemony, since they know that a united Islamic world would be their greatest adversary.


Therefore, all Islamic factions must avoid falling into the trap of sectarianism, and all Muslims must work to create a united Islamic ummah [community]. This is the only path to victory.

















The oldest known symbol of Freemasonry.

The Great Seal of the United States is a Masonic symbol.

Freemason and first President of the United States George Washington.

The much-feared Shiite Crescent: Is it a real threat? Are Freemasons trying to thwart it?