Samidoon, Palestinian Territories

Newt Gingrich: The ex-House speaker, now a serious contender

for the Republican nomination, appears to have irreparably harmed

his own relations with Arabs.



Samidoon, Palestinian Territories

'Thank You Newt Gingrich …Your Insolence is Required!'


"This excessively stupid man doesn't realize that his nation's Arab-dictator friends are falling, one after the other, at the hands of the Arab youth rebels... In order for it to become a former empire, the United States needs another president like George Bush Jr. Undoubtedly, Gingrich is perfectly suited to the task."


By Abd Al Bari Atwan


Translated By Nicolas Dagher


December 14, 2011


Palestinian Territories - Samidoon - Original Article (Arabic)

Remarks not appreciated: Arabs aren't too pleased with Newt Gingrich, after he called Palestinians an 'invented people.'

THE JEWISH CHANNEL: Newt Gingrich explains why Palestinians are an 'invented people,' Dec. 9, 00:01:24RealVideo

After 18 years of talks; the concession of over 80 percent of historic Palestine; the signing of the Oslo accords, which lent Israel legitimacy and broke its isolation among Arabs and around the world; and the repudiation of armed struggle as equivalent to terrorism, here comes America with a double reward for Palestinians. First from the hands of President Barack Obama, who refused to allow Palestine's symbolic membership at the United Nations; and second with the help of Newt Gingrich, the Republican presidential candidate now leading in the polls, who considers Palestinians to be an "invented people," an entity undeserving of the status of statehood [video in photo box, right].


Before the futile and degrading negotiations and the abandonment of the resistance, no U.S. official would have dared make such a statement. They would have instead been begging Palestinians to accept a peaceful resolution and - and they would have rejected [Jewish] settlements as an illegal practice in violation of international law. They would instead have been pledging to help establish an independent Palestinian state.


What has changed? ... The Americans haven't changed. It is us, with our own surrender; and it is the Arabs who, having grown increasingly hypocritical toward Jews and Israelis, have throw themselves at their feet, literally killing themselves to please them.


Gingrich is capable of holding this position, safe in the confidence that it won't hurt him. Because Arabs simply don't lie at the heart if his country's interests. And in any case, the Palestinian authority still considers the U.S. a strategic ally, flirting with American envoys who flood Ramallah carrying formulas for reviving the peace process.



When the Palestinian people turn away from being a people of fighters to a people who beg; when their security forces work with their Israeli counterparts to protect settlements from resistance operations, helping make the Israeli occupation the least costly in history - why wouldn’t Gingrich and his ilk go beyond the extremism of even Netanyahu, and like him, falsify history and geography?


The fault isn't that of Gingrich, Netanyahu or Barack Obama. The defect lies within us Arabs - and I mean the Arabs despot and not the Arab revolutionary. Those Arabs despots humiliated Arab citizens when they prostrated themselves before the Americans and Israelis. This was done under the banner of pragmatism, realism and the balance of power. They mocked the people by exploiting their wealth and lands in the service of the hegemonic plans of the U.S. and Israel. And they participated with the United States in every one of its wars against Arabs and Muslims - with an enthusiasm that amazed even Americans.



In the United States there are three key "lobbies." The first is the Israel lobby; the second is the oil lobby; and the third is the weapons manufacturing lobby. Some add a fourth lobby, which the senior citizen lobby.


At a glance it can be said that the two biggest "lobbies," the weapons and oil lobbies, are entirely dependent on the Arabs, their oil and the transactions that derive from them. Nevertheless, we have no impact at all on U.S. foreign policy.


Ironically, the Republican Party is the traditional friend and ally for most Arabs, particularly the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The relief felt in the halls of Riyadh after the George W. Bush's electoral victory could scarcely have been equaled within the Republican Party itself. When the U.S. Supreme Court declared Bush the winner, one senior Saudi official was heard to say, “We're in charge.”


Gingrich is quite familiar with history and he doesn't need me or anyone to remind him that Palestine existed thousands of years before America was discovered. But what we might draw his attention to, is that the collapse of his nation's empire will begin in the land of Arabs and Muslims. His nation's policies see the Islamic and Arab world through the prism of Israeli extremism alone - which is what led to defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan, the loss of a trillion dollars, 5,000 dead and 40,000 wounded. But the defeat to come will be much bigger - the coming days will prove it.


Le Quotidien d’Oran, Algeria: Gingrich's 'Fervent' Wish: A 'Final Solution' for Palestinians

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In order for it to become a former empire, the U.S. needs another president like George Bush Jr. Undoubtedly, Gingrich is perfectly suited to the task, as was amply demonstrated with the announcement if his choice for secretary of state. He would appoint John Bolton, one of the most prominent Iraq and Afghanistan war hawks and architect of Bush's policies in the Muslim world. 



Blinded by vanity brought on by a fawning Israel-Jewish lobby, Gingrich is unable to see the reality of politics, to say nothing of the historic changes underway in the Arab region and world. That is our good luck and Israel’s bad - since this excessively stupid man doesn't realize that his nation's Arab-dictator friends are falling, one after the other, at the hands of the Arab youth rebels. And he doesn't seem aware that President Obama has withdrawn all of his troops from Iraq in recognition of defeat; nor does Gingrich seem to know that Obama is preparing to repeat the exercise after a humiliating, ten year war of attrition in Afghanistan.


Personally, I was overjoyed after reading Gingrich’s remarks, and I became even happier when he insisted on repeating them. We need someone like him to pour more fuel onto the flames of popular the popular Arab revolts and to awake some of the deeper sleepers in the Arab region.


The Palestinian Authority condemned the statements, described them as foolish and shameful and demanded an apology. That position is a shame, because the logical response would be for hundreds of thousands of people to enter the streets of Ramallah and cities on the West Bank and elsewhere to protest and express their anger.


It is a shame that as Arab youth everywhere are restoring their stolen honor by demanding justice and democratic change, Palestinian youth is daydreaming, waiting for a state that will only come to be through resistance. Not by begging for help and waiting for a monthly paycheck.




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