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Samidoon, Palestinian Territories

'America Cannot Be Trusted'


"We must take care not to allow Obama's eloquent speeches to mislead us. It is important to know that Arab friendship and his commitment to Israel can never coincide. If the American president wants the love of the Arabs, he must abandon Israel first."


By Dr. Abdul Alsutar Kassem



Translated By Mustapha Cattery


May 19, 2011


Palestinian Territories - Samidoon - Original Article (Arabic)

Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu delivers a speech to a joint session of the U.S. Congress, during which he was interrupted for applause over 30 times. Netanyahu rejected the use of Israel's 1967 borders as a basis for talks with the Palestinians.


C-SPAN VIDEO: Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu speaks to a joint session of the U.S. Congress, May. 24, 01:14:18RealVideo

In his speech at the U.S. State Department today [watch below], U.S. President Obama tried to be a prophet of change for the Arab region, and said he would stand with the people against injustice and tyranny. The president spoke of the wrongs suffered by the Arab peoples in a manner that only an ignorant person would believe, by giving the impression that he has been inspired from the bottom of his heart. He said he was with the Arab revolutions and would work to support the Arab people and put pressure on Arab rulers to change.


What the U.S. president didnít tell his audience is how very keen America is to break the hearts of Arabs and Muslims, destroy their morale, and retain them as mere slaves serving their despotic dictators, who have conspired with evil against the interests of the Arab nation.


I would like to underline the following points:


1. It was America that took up the Anglo-French legacy of controlling which Arab rulers were put in place - many times royal tribal rulers. And it supported many despotic rulers who described themselves as revolutionaries. America supported the tyranny in Arab countries and insisted that they remain outside of the framework of freedom.


2. America has been plundering Arab wealth for decades.


3. America supports Israel in a wide range of areas and denies the obvious rights of Palestinian people.


4. America has conspired against every Arab regime that ever stood up to Israel.


5. America occupied Iraq and still maintains military bases in many Arab countries with the objective of pursuing people in the region - Arab and Muslims.


6. America has killed more Arabs and Muslims than any Arab tyrant, and has committed horrific war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Lebanon, etc Ö


7. America has contributed to electoral fraud in a number of Arab states, such as Egypt and Jordan, either by remaining silent, encouraging the drafting of election laws that enable Israel's client rulers or refusing to recognize elections in Algeria and Palestine. So Obama's speeches on democracy are completely baseless and without foundation.


8. She bought-off thousands of Arab intellectuals and university professors, who have sold out their own peoples. They have lavished huge fortunes on such traitors to promote U.S. policies in the region.


9. America has encouraged civil wars in the region, in particular among Arabs themselves, and between Arabs and Iran, and it continues to operate in this manner.


10. America has drained Gulf treasuries by selling weapons.


The list of American crimes against Arabs and Muslims is a long one.


So after committing all of these crimes, will America turn into a compliant lamb or loving dove of peace?††



America is now attempting to adapt to the new Arab circumstances. Having proven willing to trash Arab rulers, it is now attempting to deceive people in order to win their trust. The Americans see the victories of the Arab peoples and the courage of the Arabs as a threat to their interests. They realize that confronting the people didn't work and believe the best approach is to win the affection of the people through hypocrisy, deceit, lies and betrayal.



America has committed many crimes against Arabs and Muslims - and we don't trust her. The U.S. president intends to continue to support Israeli crimes and back its security. He speaks of Arab terrorism and Israel's security, while Israel continues its aggression not only against the Palestinian people but all peoples in the region.


For this reason, we must take care not to allow Obamaís eloquent speeches to mislead us. It is important to know that Arab friendship and his commitment to Israel can never coincide. If the American president wants the love of the Arabs, he must abandon Israel first.



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