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Mitt Romney's Core Presidential Competency: 'Shameless Lying'


"Even his moralizing opponent Newt Gingrich calls Mitt Romney a liar. And rightly so. ... Lying - and we know this in Switzerland - is one of those core competencies of any politician. In that respect, there's hardly anyone out there more suited to the presidency than Romney."


By Patrick Etschmayer



Translated By Ulf Behncke


January 16, 2012


Switzerland - News - Original Article (German)

Mitt Romney on the hustings in South Carolina: Does his relationship with the truth make him well-suited to run for president?


AL-JAZEERA VIDEO: Americans 'pray for a righteous U.S. president', Jan. 16, 00:02:47RealVideo

John Huntsman has just announced his withdrawal from the Republican presidential race. Thus, the only candidate who had anything approaching a spark of decency and a worldview that somewhat corresponded with the real world has thrown in the towel. What remains are religious and political fundamentalists, a megalomaniacal moralizer and a notorious liar.


And since Huntsman seems to think it's time to throw his weight behind someone who has mastered the basic skills of the politics business, he has decided to support notorious liar Mitt Romney. This must have been like choosing between the plague, cholera, ebola and some flesh-eating bacterial infection.


As a result, Huntsman now supports a candidate once characterized by top economist Paul Krugman as a candidate who lies so freely and unscrupulously, that even his moralizing opponent Newt Gingrich (cholera) calls Mitt Romney a liar. And rightly so.


To begin with, there is the assertion that as head of investment firm Bain Capital, Romney created 100,000 jobs. Even the conservative Washington Post states clearly that this is an insupportable number, as Romney neglected to include jobs that were lost at 22 percent of the companies that filed for bankruptcy or otherwise closed their doors by the end of the eighth year after Bain first invested. This led competitor Rick Perry (ebola) to call Romney's former company a "vulture."


Just how selectively he applies his twisted logic is demonstrated by his claim that no new jobs were created under Obama. That is true in a way - but only if one offsets the 3 million private sector jobs lost which Obama inherited from Bush (remember those?). At the beginning of Obama's term, 3 million jobs were lost, and since then, 3.2 million have been created. So ... either he's lying to himself or about Obama. In real terms, most of the net job losses have been the 600,000 in the public sector, which were eliminated under the budget-terror of Romney's Republican colleagues on Capital Hill.


Romney goes on to claim that Obama is creating a socialist "redistribution society," in which everyone earns the same income, regardless of how much or how well he or she performs. These are "facts" based on bullshit-rhetoric that have no factual basis and that come straight out of the playbook of the Tea Party, with which Romney is trying to curry favor to get through the primaries - and is absolutely false.


Just like the claim that under Obama, the military budget had been cut, when in reality the opposite is true: While military spending was $594 billion in 2008, it was $666 billion (of the $739 billion the military had wanted) in 2011.  



Romney also claims, along with other conservatives, that Obama "apologized to the world" for U.S. policy (something that would be quite appropriate from time to time ...). But even that is pure fiction and is based on taking quotes out of context - a favorite tool of every shameless liar.




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But of all Romney's lies, one ranks highest of all - not least because of its banality: his name. When CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer opened welcomed candidates to one of the GOP debates with, "I'm Wolf Blitzer and yes, that's my real name," Romney responded with, "I'm Mitt Romney, and yes, Wolf, that's also my first name." Which is incorrect - Romney's legal first name is "Willard." He just can't help himself ... perhaps his nose would grow if he told the truth?


If Romney's handling of the truth continues to be this loose and flaky, we had better be prepared for anything. On the other hand, lying - and we know this in Switzerland - is one of those core competencies of any politician. In that respect, there's hardly anyone out there more suited to the presidency than Romney.




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