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L'Orient Le Jour, Lebanon

Jew, Muslim and Christian: It is God Who is Being Murdered


"From Afghanistan to Iraq, from a bin Laden who thinks he is the sword of Islam destined to punish infidels and eliminate crusaders, to a George Bush who claimed to be charged with a divine mission to eradicate evil, the religious factor is ubiquitous."


By Nagib Aoun


Translated By Helene Grinsted


November 12, 2009


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Muslims, Christians and Jews, not to mention Hindus, Animists, and witches: Is there any hope that members of different faiths will stop killing one another in the name of the very same loving God they all claim to worship?


ROME REPORTS, The Vatican: Pope Benedict XVI asks Jews and Muslims to focus on what unites them, May 12, 00:02:27RealVideo

Is the world mad? Obviously it is totally and completely mad. It's a mixed up world, given over to the hesitations of some and the destructive moods of others, all apparently oblivious to the world's insanity, its schizophrenia.


The world has been mad since the very beginning. It went mad at the very moment Eve offered the forbidden fruit to Adam, and when Cain killed Abel. The madness has continued down the centuries, throughout all the years of disaster and distress, and won't abate as long as man takes its madness for genius, its convictions for divine revelation, and its words as gospel.



Must we reel off all of the terrible memories, the pages of a world history written in scarlet letters and bathed in the blood of innocents? Killings, massacres, war crimes, genocide - do we really need to go back in time and compile a list of human stupidity?


We need not go very far back. From a First World War in which soldiers went to their deaths with flowers inserted into the barrels of their guns; to a second global conflagration in which one man’s madness captivated the population and paved the way for the unthinkable- and for the Third World War that is now going on. It is a war of sacrificial terrorism in which thousands of people are killed or die in the name of Allah the Merciful. The body of evidence for the inevitable, as though it were written in the stars, is accumulating. Every day it's more overwhelming - and every day there are more murderers.


From Afghanistan to Iraq, from a bin Laden who thought he was the double-edged sword of Islam destined to punish infidels and eliminate “the new crusaders,” to a George Bush who claimed to be charged with a divine mission to eradicate evil, the religious factor is ubiquitous, always brandished to justify the unjustifiable and to buttress the legitimacy of dangerous adventures, of murderous expeditions.


And as if by a ricochet, like pawns chaotically moving across a chess board, we see an Ahmadinejad who is also completely immersed in his religious beliefs, promising the imminent end of Israel, its virtual elimination, denying the historical truth of the Nazi concentration camps to the rhythm of the daily litany of "death to America."


Thousands of miles in a quiet United States town, a senior Muslim-American officer of Palestinian origin suddenly ran amuck, and gun in hand, shot thirteen of his colleagues to cries of "Allah Akbar."  




Obviously, there's no link between bin Laden, Ahmadinejad and Major Nidal Malik Hasan, but in the background, the backdrop for all this, there is Palestine, there is Jerusalem, this amazing religious heritage and this horrifying misunderstanding that has ripped the region apart for twenty centuries.


On this explosive chessboard, Lebanon itself is at the forefront - at the very center of a mosaic that has as a reference the same God - but which implodes every day in the name of that identical God. On the one side, the “Chosen People” cling to their “promised land,” and, on the other, a martyred people that the Hebrew state wants to remove, to expel from the soil of their ancestors, from the land that has been theirs for eons.


In Lebanon, it’s Anne Frank who has paid the price. It's an example of extremism plus ignorance: the diary of a Jewish child destined for extermination is regarded as Zionist propaganda and so has been banned!


It is Allah the Merciful who is being murdered once more … and the murders are parties that claim to be followers of God! The world isn't just mad, it is also, very often, odious ...











































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