Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney with Jerry Fallwell Jr. at

Liberty University, May 12.



Same-Sex Marriage Controversy Uncomfortable for Romney (Le Figaro, France)


“Now he sees gays turning their backs on him, not only because of Barack Obama’s declaration [supporting same-sex marriage], but because he got rid of Richard Grenell, his openly-gay foreign policy spokesperson. No wonder he is doing everything he can to change the subject.”


By Jean Sébastien Stehli



Translated By Jill Naeem


May 12, 2012


France - Le Figaro - Original Article (French)

A gay couple kiss during a session of the Chilean senate, after approval of an anti-discrimination bill. The new law establishes that every Chilean, including lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, will be guaranteed protections that reflect international human rights law.

BBC NEWS VIDEO: President Obama's gay marriage gamble, May 10, 00:02:15.RealVideo

Poor Romney has no sense of rhythm. And no ear for music, either - at least for the rhythm of the campaign or understanding the Republican electorate. After Rush Limbaugh’s obscene statements, he alienated women by failing to condemn the remarks. He makes fun of President Carter, which is not very courteous. He has even managed antagonize dog lovers for his treatment - which he found highly amusing - of the family dog who made an entire trip on the car roof because there was no room inside.


And now he sees gays turning their backs on him, not only because of Barack Obama’s declaration [supporting same-sex marriage], but because he got rid of Richard Grenell, his openly-gay foreign policy spokesperson. He even had to apologize for having psychologically-tortured one of his peers at the boarding school for children of privileged families he attended. And, according to Bloomberg, rarely accused of being a tool of [Socialist leader] Jean-Luc Mélenchon, 49 percent of investors prefer Obama compared to 38 percent for his Republican rival.

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No wonder he is doing everything he can to change the subject.


Romney, who seems comfortable with precious little, would like us to talk more about the economy. While he enriched himself at the expense of employees of companies that he took control of when at Bain Capital, he believes that sparring with Obama in this area will help garner votes in November. Romney is not at all comfortable with debates like that over the sexual preferences of American citizens. But the issue of gay marriage could spin out of control for the Republican: he must now defend his position by explaining that it is a deeply-held conviction and that he’s not just reacting on orders from the Mormon Church.


And this Saturday, Mitt Romney has to talk to students and faculty at Liberty University, a "Christian" university as it defines itself, a leading force of the Evangelical Church, and a spearhead of religious fundamentalism in the U.S. States. It will be difficult for him to avoid talking about homosexuality and marriage.


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But if we judge by the speech that was distributed to journalists in anticipation of the event, he will speak of the link between family and the economy. This is safer. But Romney's decision to avoid discussing gay marriage also means, as indicated by The Washington Post, that it will be more difficult breaking into the conversation and be heard when Americans, whether they are for or against it, debate same-sex marriage as well as Barack Obama’s decision to declare himself in favor of it.




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