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European 'Puppets' Obey Their American Masters to Punish Iran


"We have not had relations with America for 32 years. In other words, we had no relationship with them yesterday and won't have one tomorrow. … But we are surprised by these European puppets, who like impotent servants immediately repeat whatever their master says."


November 25, 2011


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Iran President Ahmadinejad welcomes potential investors to Tehran, just as most of the developed world slapped additional sanctions of the country for pursuing nuclear weapons.

PRESS TV VIDEO [STATE-RUN]: A look at the IAEA's most recent report and the Iranian response to accusations that it is producing nuclear weapons, 00:12:26, Nov. 23.RealVideo

TEHRAN: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Wednesday that despite newly-announced Western sanctions, Iran would not back down and is taking steps to hit back at the measures.


"The Iranian nation will not back down one iota, and in terms of its nuclear program, wouldn’t allow the slightest encroachment on the nation's rights," the president said in a speech aired on state television.


In the Majlis, lawmakers, some shouting "Death to Britain," adopted an emergency bill calling for the expulsion of Britain's ambassador to Tehran. If the bill is passed on Sunday and subsequently approved by the Guardian Council, the law would see British-Iranian ties downgraded to the level of chargé d'affaires. The bill also calls on the Majlis to take action, "against other nations that behave in a manner similar to Britain," according to the Fars and Mehr news agencies.


Sanctions targeting Iran's financial sector were unveiled Monday in coordinated announcements by the United States, Britain and Canada. France separately called for the West to freeze assets of the Iranian Central Bank and embargo Iranian oil.


Britain, Canada and France have embassies in Tehran. The Canadian is already headed by a mere chargé d'affaires; the others by ambassadors. The United States has no diplomatic presence in Iran, having closed its embassy after Muslim students took its diplomats hostage in 1979 following Iran's revolution. U.S. interests are handled by the Swiss Embassy.


Ahmadinejad denounced European countries that are tightening sanctions on Iran as puppets of their U.S. master and that their moves to isolate Tehran's Central Bank surprised him.


"We have not had relations with America for 32 years. In other words, we had no relationship with them yesterday and won't have one tomorrow," Ahmadinejad said. "But we are surprised by these European puppets, who like impotent servants immediately repeat whatever their master says."


Russia has called the new sanctions illegal and China warned on Wednesday that the sanctions would "intensify the confrontation" between the West and Iran. "China is always against unilateral sanctions against Iran, let alone the expansion of such sanctions,'' Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin said at a briefing.


"Fundamentally, we don't believe that pressure and sanctions can resolve the Iranian issue. Rather, they will complicate it. Ratcheting-up confrontation is not conducive to peace and stability in the region,'' Liu said, adding that the parties involved "should strengthen dialogue and cooperation'.'


China and Russia used their influence on the U.N. Security Council to block any chance that U.N. sanctions will be more broadly imposed. Ahmadinejad, speaking to a crowd east of Tehran, took a swipe at countries that are imposing the sanctions.


"I advise them to cease their tantrums and give up the delusion that baring their claws and fangs will stop the Iranian nation," he said. He reiterated that, contrary to Western claims, "we don't need an atomic bomb."


"They ask us to prove that we don't have an atomic bomb ... How can we prove something that doesn't exist? It's as if someone asks another person to prove that he is healthy ... sickness is something that at least is provable."


Ahmadinejad said, "The bullying powers attempt to erect obstacles to block Iran’s progress and development as the country most widely regarded as a harbinger of peace and justice in the world," he said. "Those whose arsenals are full of nuclear warheads accuse Iran of attempting to build atomic bombs. They are forever in search of excuses to obstruct Iran’s nuclear and scientific progress."


The president said Iran needs no nuclear weapons because "these are possessed by those who massacred the native Americans and took control of a country by force." And Ahmadinejad took a swipe at France's call for freeze on Iranian assets, saying "the slightest move to grab Iran's assets is akin to a heist - and Iran will treat the person responsible as a thief. … They have said, "we should cut relations with the Central Bank and block the wealth of the Iranian people," adding that Western countries want to plunder Iranian bank accounts abroad to ease their own economic crises.


"Expropriating the foreign exchange reserves of the Iranian people would be a major theft, and the Iranian people will treat those who do so as thieves," he told a large crowd gathered at an outdoor venue near Tehran.




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Turning to U.S. sanctions, which declare the Iran's entire financial sector as "primarily a money-laundering scheme," Ahmadinejad said, "They accuse the Iranian nation of money laundering. But we have no need for laundering money."


The latest sanctions aim to make it more difficult to pay Iran for its oil exports, and put pressure on the Iranian rial [currency].  



But they stop short of hitting the Central Bank with more draconian measures, because Western officials and analysts fear these would trigger a spike in oil prices, which would worsen the global downturn and provide Iran with a revenue windfall.


Iran's OPEC representative Muhammad Ali Khatibi told the Iranian Student News Agency that his country could "adopt special postures" in terms of using its vast oil exports as a political tool if "emergencies and special situations demand." He also stressed, though, that Iran was not as of now altering its approach in the global oil market.


Meanwhile, Ahmadinejad asserted that the Islamic Republic seeks to create a new global political and economic order.


In the opening speech at Tehran's International Investment Conference, the president said “The Iranian nation, in all of its political, cultural and economic relations with the other states, seeks a new global order. … The world is in need of an order based on justice and compassion and which serves all nations, providing them with a basis for prosperity, dignity and growth. It is unacceptable that a few uncivilized people, governments or investors seek to pursue their own interests alone, as all of society's cultures, thoughts and compassion are destroyed.”


The president said that economic activity should be geared toward serving humanity and not victimizing relations and the ties among nations.


Elsewhere in his remarks, President Ahmadinejad made reference to the significant participation of foreign investors at the investment conference, describing it as a sign that other nations disregard the West's unilateral anti-Iran sanctions.


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