The USS Vincennes mounts a test launch in 1987.

One year later, it downed an Iranian civilian airliner.



Kayhan, Islamic Republic of Iran

Instead of Celebrating July 4, Obama Should Repent for Flight 655


Twenty two years ago, on July 3, 1988, everyone agrees that U.S. Navy guided missile cruiser, the USS Vincennes, shot down an Iranian civilian airliner, killing all 290 people aboard. This editorial from Iran's state-controlled Kayhan castigates the 'Great Satan's bloodthirsty' act, and urges President Obama to finally apologize for what all agree was a tragedy.




July 3, 2010


Islamic Republic of Iran - Kayhan - Home Page (English)

Today, July 3, is the fateful day on which 22 years ago, Iran Air 655, a three-day-a-week flight from Bandar Abbas to Dubai, was suddenly deflected from its destination.


Although two heat-seeking missiles fired by the USS Vincennes shattered the Airbus A300 on contact, causing it to crash into the waters off the Persian Gulf, the 297 men, women, children and babies on board gently alighted to the gates of Paradise.


The passengers on board achieved the immortality of martyrdom, but like all martyrs, they were victims of brutal and bestial individuals, devoid of conscience or humanitarian sentiments.


Also tragically, is that the U.S. regime later awarded a medal of honor on the cowardly terrorist who ordered the missile firings, Captain Will T. Rogers.


Vincennes air-warfare coordinator Lieutenant Commander Scott Lustig, was even awarded the U.S. Navy Commendation Medal for what the criminals in the White House shamelessly called his “heroic achievement,” lauding his “ability in quickly and precisely complete the firing procedure” on a large passenger aircraft gently ascending within its commercial air corridor.


As usual, the Americans, who have no inhibitions about shedding innocent blood, lie frequently and alter their accounts. They initially claimed to have targeted what they called "an aggressive Iranian jet fighter coming in at the USS Vincennes." Then they said it was a case of mistaken identity by radar equipment that is supposed to detect even the minutest detail of a flying object.


By whatever Washington has said over the past 22 years, it has yet to offer an official apology to the Iranian nation and government for its unpardonable crime. Even after its sheepish admission that its sophisticated ship had entered Iran's territorial waters and in advance, positioning itself under a corridor used by commercial aircraft with the intent of shooting one down.





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Not that the Islamic Republic expects the Great Satan to drop its hostility toward the Iranian people, who have been targets of U.S. state terrorism since the coup to reinstall the fugitive Pahlavi potentate 57 years ago in 1953.


The Muslim people of Iran, whose grassroots Islamic movement once and for all ended the U.S. stranglehold on their homeland in 1979, know full well the devilish designs of regimes that march in and out of the White House.


Iran, which has successfully foiled all of America's plans for the past 31 years thanks to its firm faith in God Almighty, is determined to defeat every sinister move by Uncle Sam and its surrogates in the region. And it will do so as it marches steadfastly toward the pinnacle of progress scientifically and technologically, even in the face of futile sanctions against its peaceful nuclear program.


Islamic Iran is confident of ultimate victory and the seeping away of the inflated power of the U.S. super-terrorist. It will be as true for them as it was for Saddam and his minority Baath Party regime in Iraq, who sided with the Americans who had so blatantly interfered in the closing days of the eight-year Iraq-imposed war by scuttling merchant vessel Iran Ajr, attacking Iranian oil platforms in the Persian Gulf, and criminally downing an Iranian passenger plane.


Thanks to the inspiration drawn from the Islamic Revolution of Iran by the people of the region and beyond, it is clear that Washington has achieved nothing but disgrace and humiliation - despite its military occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, and despite the Zionist usurper regime's brutalities against the sons of the soil, the Palestinians, and the Lebanese.


It's obvious that Right eventually triumphs over Brutal and Deceitful Might. On the eve of July 4, a day that an illegally-expanded U.S. celebrates a Declaration of Independence issued by 13 New England colonies, the Free World knows very well that July 3 is a Day of eternal shame for the U.S. regime.


Before it's too late, there is a chance for Barack Obama to acknowledge the crimes of his predecessors and offer an apology to the Iranian people. More blunders like those that came before and he'll be presiding over the ignominious end of the United States - history's most evil power.



The souls of the passengers of Flight 655 are watching the unfolding drama on planet Earth from the Divine Court of Justice.    



[Editor's Note: The events described in this editorial took place near the end of the Iraq-Iran war, which involved attacks against oil tankers and merchant ships from neighboring countries. In April of 1988, the U.S. expanded U.S. Naval protection to all friendly neutral shipping in the Persian Gulf, which set the military scene of the Vincennes incident. This is the account from Wikipedia:


On the morning of July 3, the Vincennes was passing through the Strait of Hormuz returning escort duty. A helicopter from the Vincennes received small arms fire from Iranian patrol vessels, as it observed at a high altitude. The Vincennes moved to engage the Iranian vessels, in the course of which they all violated Omani waters and left after being challenged and ordered to leave by a Royal Navy of Oman warship. The Vincennes then pursued the Iranian gunboats crossing into Iranian territorial waters to open fire. ]

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