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Kayhan, Islamic Republic of Iran

A 'Small Number' of Iranian Flock 'Led Astray'


Is the West fomenting widespread resistance to the Iranian regime? Furthermore, is the West promising Iranians something it will never deliver? Those are the accusations made by an increasingly desperate-sounding Iranian regime, in this article from state-controlled Kayhan.


By Kian Mokhtari


December 31, 2009


Islamic Republic of Iran - Kayhan - Home Page (English)


A so-called 'spontaneous demonstration' on behalf of the Iranian government on Wednesday.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Iranian opposition figures arrested after mass protests, Dec. 28, 00:01:31RealVideo

En masse, ordinary people from all walks of life poured onto the streets of Tehran on Wednesday to protest the shameful events that took place during Ashura Day anniversary ceremonies. This massive demonstration followed spontaneous rallies by millions of other rank-and-file Iranians across the country on Tuesday.


The instigators and planners of the Tehran riots on Ashura Day must reexamine their grasp of the aspirations and depth of belief of the Iranian people.


AFP News conducted an exclusive interview with the head of the infamous terrorist group, Mujahedine Khalq Organization [People's Mujahedin of Iran or MKO], Maryam Rajavi, who proudly admitted to her terror network’s involvement in planning, fomenting and directing the sacrilegious and wanton destruction of public property by a small number of troublemakers.


But then again, in a country in which the terrorist group she's associated with is viewed with the utmost abhorrence, Rajavi’s ravings are neither here nor there. There is no support base for a terror grouplet with the blood of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary children as well as the blood of people of a dozen countries on its hands - be they Western or Eastern.


However, Iranian authorities did mention the involvement of MKO in the Ashura Day violence and now, at least, there can be little doubt about the ruthless instigators of such unnecessary and pointless bloodshed, particularly on one of Shiite Islam’s holiest days.


There's no denying that a small number of our flock of faithful have been led stray by Western daydreams and promises built on the very foundations of cruelty and injustice. And this, just as the materialistic forces of true evil have gathered in our resource rich region, hell-bent on mischief and the destruction of our values.



But those who have strayed from the flock - no matter how small in number - are being heartlessly used as cannon fodder by the enemy to amass political capital. Their lives mean nothing to the wolves that have separated them from us with idle promises of a future that the wolf pack has reserved only for its own.


And let truth be told: We are still far from the ideals that formed the value system of our popular revolution all those years ago. Renewed effort and vigor is required to bring our movement back up to speed. Faith, steadfastness, verve, patience and tenacity are the required ingredients to see us all through this most bleak chapter in the history of the Islamic world.


After mass protests against the regime on Ashura Day, Tehran's

official media is is sounding increasingly desperate.  



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We need to close ranks and place our faith in the hands of the dedicated leaders who, through thick and thin, brought us this far; most crucially, when the multitudes in the armies of the foreign enemies and their black-hearted mercenaries are gathered like dark clouds in the vicinity of our sacred land.


In our democracy, people may choose to vote this way or that, but belief in our system is unshakeable. This is a fact that has embittered and enraged traditional Western and Zionist hostility toward Iran.


They've sought to rewrite our glorious history and failed to prevent us from our God-given gift of shining brightly like beacons of spirituality, lighting the path of humanity. They call our undying belief in God, “Eastern mysticism.”


And even when their attempts to assault this nation fail repeatedly, through what can only be described as the mighty will of God, they still refuse to believe.


We need to reflect upon the tragic loss of an entire generation of our youth, who gave their precious lives selflessly and with open hearts on unforgiving battlefields to the struggle against evil. These were sacrifices made even more difficult after they were contaminated by the vengeful minions of satanic chemistry and biology. 



Just look at the pomp, ceremony and respect with which they bury their dead aggressors, and spare a thought for row after row of the graves of our own righteous martyrs that may be neglected.


In the war [the Iran-Iraq War], we paid the most devastating price to lay the ground for a society worthy of our children. It is every man, woman and child’s duty to refrain from sinking to the lows that our Godless adversaries have descended to for mere material gain. Our government, clergy, authorities, military, teachers and civil servants must make a conscious and concerted effort to become role models for the Islamic world as well as for non-Muslims. This is the least we owe to the memory of the long line of martyrs that have fought to preserve our identity.  

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