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Nuclear Power and Israel's Inexplicable Abuse of Iran


Is Iran as dangerous as Israeli and Western media would lead one to believe? According to this history lesson from Iran's state-controlled Kayhan newspaper, rather than being a threat to the Jewish people, for thousands of years, Iranians have repeatedly rescued them.


By Kian Mokhtari


November 26, 2009


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Shah Muhammad Reza Pahlavi, 1919-1980. He dreamed of a resurgent Persian empire, and according to some Arab accounts, after a CIA coup put him on the throne, the U.S. removed him for having such a dream.


BBC NEWS AUDIO: Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen examines Iran's announcement that it plans to build ten additional uranium enrichment facilities, Nov . 30 , 00:02:07RealVideo

An article published in Massachusetts, USA, around 1973 or 1974, depicts an image of the former Shah of Iran in full dress uniform. The caption reads: “The Shah of Iran is sitting on top of one of the largest reservoirs of oil in the world. Yet he is building two nuclear power plants and planning two more ...”


The Shah was toppled in the popular 1979 Islamic Revolution, and a year later, a puppet Iraqi dictator [Saddam] was commanded by the West to attack Iran and take over its southern oil fields.


These age-old British colonial hopes were to be finally realized: After 8,000 years, Iran would be forced out of existence as a united Middle East powerhouse. But Saddam Hussein failed as did his masters, who eventually had to put down the rabid dog themselves.


Never mind that we obtained most of his air force, eh!


So elements of Tel Aviv's hue and cry in regard to Iran’s civilian nuclear assets have existed ever since plans for the Bushehr nuclear reactor were first put on the table - and under a pro-Western regime.


A light sprinkle of today's arguments against Iran’s civilian nuclear program can be seen in the above quote from Massachusetts; it implies that since Iran is rich in fossil fuels, it mustn't need to produce nuclear energy. So the start of these monotonous accusations about a threat posed by Tehran date back at least as far as the early 1970s.




The first major incident on record involving Iranians and the Jewish people goes back 2,500 years. This was when “Eranshahr” - i.e.: the Persian Empire as it has come to be known in the West - was on its first major foreign incursion under Cyrus the Great [photo, left].


Eranshar’s army entered Babylon in triumph and set about dismantling a cruel system based on the enslavement of other tribes, one of which was the Jews who had been brought back from Judea and forced into slavery. A highly romanticized version of these events has even been recorded in the [Jewish] Torah [the story of the Jewish holiday of Purim as recorded in the Book of Esther].


Babylon’s Jews were freed and escorted back to their land, having been given back all that had been stolen from them. A universal declaration of human rights issued about that time has survived the ravages of history and is known today as the “Cyrus Cylinder" [photo, right].


After Egypt was brought under Persian rule, other Persian kings went even further. They gave administrative positions in the running of Egypt to Jewish figures, thereby drawing Egyptian ire. The enmity continued until Alexander [the Great] of Macedon arrived with his army around two centuries later and drove the Persians from Egypt.


Alexander [photo, left] wasn't kind to Judea by any stretch of the imagination and exacted a heavy toll on the territory and its Jewish population - which is why gleeful accounts of Alexander’s operations against Eranshahr by contemporary Jewish historians have always puzzled Iranians.


Let us leave that timeline and address another incident, this under the Ottoman rulers of the Turkish Empire some 2,000 years later. Jewish courtiers and tradesmen had attained high positions and amassed great wealth in an Ottoman Empire that had been at odds with Iran's Safavid Dynasty for centuries. The special position attained by the Jews within the Ottoman Empire rapidly came undone and the Jews were brutally persecuted.


With the Jews having faithfully served an empire opposed to Iran, one might imagine that Iranians would have en-masse rejected the Jewish Diaspora that was fleeing Ottoman persecution. But there was none of that waiting for the Jewish refugees seeking sanctuary in Iran. They were allowed back and got on with their lives.


There's no red carpet treatment for any denomination in Iran other than the one they weave themselves. The Iranian embrace is a gentle gesture based on human values. It is not a bear hug designed to break the cultural spinal cord of ethnic diversity on its soil.


Let us push forward to the Second World War and the events in Poland. Once again, Polish Jewish communities and those from all other Eastern European countries fleeing Nazi rule found sanctuary in Iran - and many stayed for good. Aside from Israel, Iran is home to the largest Jewish community in the Middle East.




Iran is the only nation in the world that the Jewish version of history hasn't managed to libel. Iran as a trading nation has neither the time nor the inclination to harbor ill intentions toward other people. And Iranian compassion is never reserved for one race, group or ethnicity; compassion forms a central part of our nation's national character and identity.


Iranians by nature deplore cruelty and injustice committed in any way shape or form, and since pagan times, Iran’s long historic record before and after its conversion to Islam confirms that claim.


Whereas yesteryear it was the Jewish community that required assistance and sanctuary, things have come full circle and now it's the Palestinians being tragically driven from their land and murdered in droves. Just as Eranshahr [the Persian Empire] once stood against the enslavement of the Jewish community under the Babylonian mace, Iran continues to stand for those living under illegitimate, despotic and inhumane foreign occupation.


So, just as cruel and unjust rulers and domains have faded from the map throughout history because Iran has moved to assist those under their mace, the same fate will visit today's victims who have become the instigators of oppression and cruelty.


“Israel will fade from the map” is a prediction based on Iran’s thousands of years of experience with those who undertake to uproot and destroy other cultures. It is a prediction made based on Iranian mysticism: “what goes around comes around.”



However, in the age-old Greek tradition, this comment [made repeatedly by President Ahmadinidjad] has been mistakenly translated as “Israel will be wiped off the map,” to a Western political audience keen on kicking Iran's reputation.




No matter what the Zionist-sponsored Western propaganda machine may say about Iran's government, the Islamic Republic is the result of a mighty popular revolution, and it is the will of the majority that will direct its future course.


While some of those born after the event might be busy trying to rewrite history, the generation who witnessed the affair is fully aware that the Revolution would and could not have come about without the movement headed by the Islamic Republic's founder, Ayatollah Khomeini (May he rest in eternal peace).




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On matters that concern national expediency, a government of the people has no choice but to respond to the popular will - and Iranians aren't about supporting aggression. Rather, they are united in self-defense. The great majority of people in Iran would like to see a settlement based on U.N. resolutions that call on Israel to withdraw from occupied Palestinian territory and allow the formation of an independent Palestine.


Iranians don't believe Palestinians are perfect; in the same way that Iranians don't believe that in the kingdom of heaven there is a chosen race with special rights [reference to the Jewish people]. In the kingdom of God, equality, compassion, tolerance and compromise are principles beyond price. 



Quite frankly, the images of suffering from the pounding of Gaza by the state of the art military of the Zionists horrified people around the world - and this is a fact that the Zionist regime will never live down.


So we implore the Jewish people to try and avert disaster by dumping a theatrical nationalist agenda by a few among their ranks. A spark is all it will take to send the region up in flames. The Middle East is fast approaching that critical juncture. Let us hope that the powers that be are under no illusions about this.




How does a mature person react when faced with a torrent of abuse from angry adolescents? Most grin and bear it in the hope that their young counterparts grow out of this irresponsible phase of development.


Over the last thirty years, Iranians have suffered the worst indignities at the hands of the Israeli-inspired media. Given all the support throughout history that Iranians have provided Jewish communities, the claims of the Zionist entity about Iranian plans to annihilate it closely resemble the noises that clowns make to entertain people at the circus.


Lashing out at Iranians and libeling their history, culture and politics will not assist the child-killers of Tel Aviv, since they don't represent the majority view of the Jewish people. The mocking of Iranians by people whose ancestors Iran helped survive will not stick.


Iran can only hope that Israel reaches the level of maturity required to reject racist concepts of a purely Jewish state. The last world war took place to defeat such self-promoting and illogical deviations in human thought. And a Black President in the White House stands for just what can be achieved should a sense of group identity not be confined to race, creed or color.




































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