South Koreans watch smoke rise from Yeonpyeong Island, after

it was struck by artillery shells from the North, Nov. 23. It was

the most intense artillery attack since 1970. Two South Korean

soldiers were killed and 19 people, including three civilians,

were injured.



JoongAng Ilbo, South Korea

It's Time to 'Retaliate' Against North Korea


"Our military should be prepared to counterattack without hesitation in order to show the North that it will not be permitted to commit such an act again. This attack justifies any type of retaliation we choose."




November 24, 2010


South Korea - JoongAng Ilbo - Original Article (English)

Today's provocation by North Korea goes beyond anything we had imagined. Firing over 100 rounds of artillery onto Yeonpyeong Island, the west coast region has been put on the highest-ever military alert. The North says it fired the shells in response to activities connected with our regular military exercises.


With memories of the Korean War still vivid in all of our minds, this massive attack again confirms the grim reality that such a tragedy may be repeated at any time. We strongly warn the North that if it prefers to continue playing with fire, it is destined to be destroyed by the fire it ignited.



That the North fired so many shells, not only at a military base but also at a residential area, is an unconscionable act. This is a direct and provocative attack on the South that has left many military and civilians casualties and done considerable damage to civilian property. Our military should be prepared to counterattack without hesitation in order to show the North that it will not be permitted to commit such an act again - even to the point of destroying the artillery unit that Pyongyang has positioned along the tense western coast.




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This attack justifies any type of retaliation we choose. Considering the likelihood of additional provocations down the road, our military should be highly-prepared to launch counterattacks strong enough to prevent any more.


With this in mind, President Lee Myung-bak should take the lead in stepping up the level of our national preparedness by calling on military officials as well as the U.S.-Republic of Korea Joint Military Command to take a react with resolution. And while asking the public to cope with the situation in a resolute and orderly manner, the president should also issue a clear message to the North. In front of the entire world, President Lee must denounce the attack to seek support, while explicitly demonstrating our overwhelming dominance of the North in every aspect of our national strength - both physical and psychological.



In addition, the public must give its full support to both the government and military. When faced with a national crisis like this one, all of us should be wise enough to set aside any vehement demonstrations of disagreement.


Above all, the military should be equipped with a firm, effective and rapid response system. With its close ties to U.S. forces, the South Korean military has maintained high-level combat capabilities. After the sinking of the Cheonan, we should never again allow North Korea to play with fire.


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