Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani of Iran's Assembly of

Experts: The Assembly selects the Supreme Leader and is

supposed to 'supervise' his activities.



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Americans and British Should Stop Plans for 'Mischief'


"The world's people are well-informed abot the dirty plans of America and Britain, and have mobilized to confront them."


-- Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani, Member of the Assembly of Experts


August 8, 2008


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TEHRAN: The substitute leader of Friday prayers in Tehran, Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani, said that the Iranian nation will not give up its program for the peaceful use of nuclear energy under the threat the G5+1 [U.S., France, Britain, China and Russia - in addition to Germany].


[Editor's Note: Mohammed Emami-Kashani is ninety-one-years-old, and is a member of Iran's Assembly of Experts - which is the body that elects the Supreme leader and is supposed to 'supervise his activities.' He is most known in the West for calling al-Qaeda an 'illegitimate child of America and Israel' ].


Members of Iran's powerful Assembly of Experts take notes
while listening to the 'Supreme Leader', Feb. 25. The Experts
elect the Supreme Leader and 'supervise his activities.'


Delivering his second sermon of the evening, the Ayatollah Kashani discussed meetings that have been held by the G5+1 countries about issuing new sanctions against the Islamic Republic. He said that up to now, China and Russia have resisted these efforts, but that they needed to do more to overcome the influence being exerted by the United States and Britain.


"The world's people are well-informed of the dirty plans of the two countries, and have mobilized to confront them. They (America and Britain) should stop their mischief." He went on to say, "The world expects China and Russia to stand firm and fast against the U.S. and Britain and thwart their dirty plans."


Ayatollah Kashani pointed out that the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution and all other Iranian officials and authorities are unanimous in stressing that Iran's nuclear program is for peaceful, scientific, research and industrial purposes. "With their anti-Iranian charges, they only disgrace themselves," he added.



Ayatollah Kashani also said that Iran had managed to makes its stances explicitly understood during the talks in Geneva with the G5+1. "Iran is ready for any and all talks and for acting within the bounds of legality and righteousness. If the United States wants to be present during talks with Iran, it should be out of wisdom."


Ayatollah Kashani went on to say that the Islamic Republic of Iran has demonstrated its intentions over the past 30 years. "Iran is ready for talks based on mutual respect and in line with rights of the Iranian nation. If the talks are not in favor of Iran's rights, then no agreement will be reached with the Islamic Republic of Iran."


"These (G5+1) countries shouldn't threaten the Iranian nation. This nation will never retreat through threats. One should move logically. Do not make the world further turbulent."


As for the conditions in Iraq, Ayatollah Kashani advised the occupiers, who are now confronting Iraq's highest religious authorities, not to bring further disgrace on themselves. He asked Muslims to unite, because with unity the enemy would never successfully implement its sinister plans.



















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