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Americans prop up Iraq Army Chief Babakir Zebari who says:

'The Iraqi Army won't be able to handle security until 2020.'

[Sotal Iraq, Iraq]



Iraq News Agency, Iraq

Iraq's 'Kurdish' Army Chief Serves His American Masters


"A few days ago, the chief of staff of the new Iraqi Army said that his 'courageous' forces won't be prepared to maintain security and stability in Iraq before 2020. It's obvious that this man, if he possessed one iota of decency, honor and dignity, would never have uttered such shameful comments, which stink of pleading to those who were and remain the central cause of every catastrophe and misery of today's Iraqis."


By Muhammad al-Ammary


Translated By Nicolas Dagher


August 14, 2010


Iraq - Iraq News Agency - Original Article (Arabic)

Iraq's Army Chief Babakir Zebari: A Kurd, his comment that the Iraqi military will not be prepared to secure the country without U.S. help until 2020 has set off a firestorm in Iraq, and as seems often the case - a sectarian one.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Ted Koppel looks at who is paying the price for America's wars, Aug. 18, 00:03:47RealVideo

I neither care for nor follow the scum who lick the boots of the American invaders, nor do I waste my energy acquainting myself with those who sell their souls for bargain-basement prices, so I don't know exactly how and when Babakir Zebari obtained the rank of chief of staff of what is now referred to as the new Iraqi Army. Yes - I refer to that mighty force, the leadership of which sways to and fro due to its lack of patriotism and professionalism, despite the enormous sums that have been put at the disposal of its leadership. The majority of its senior officers answer to political parties, caucuses, and ethnic, sectarian or tribal groups - who issue them non-negotiable orders that need never be explained, and which originate in regional countries that are openly hostile to Iraq and its people.


The chief of staff of the new Iraqi Army, “Protector of Peace!!” told Agence France Presse a few days ago that his “courageous” forces won't be prepared to maintain security and stability in Iraq before 2020 [see video below]. During his “extremely valuable” speech about the alleged U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, the chief of staff of the “Iraqi military” spoke to Iraqi politicians - if they can be described as such - saying: “The U.S. military should remain until the Iraqi Army is ready in 2020.”


It's obvious that this man, if he possessed one iota of decency, honor and dignity before joining the military, would never have uttered such shameful comments, which stink of pleading to those who were and remain the main cause of every catastrophe and misery of today's Iraqis, not to mention the destruction of every institution of state - military, civic and social alike. Even ordinary citizens aren't safe from the sectarian-religious virus and racist evil that resulted in a nobody like this “Kurdish” Babakir Zebari becoming the chief of staff of the Iraqi Army, a force with a glorious history and whose remarkable exploits are well-documented.


The defense minister of the Green Zone, Abdul-Qadir al-Obaidi, successful described the dire state and daily failures experienced by their super army. His "Dishonorable-Excellency" said that “what has been occurring in different parts of the country recently" - in the name of Allah, he could have said the same for the last seven years - "is due to negligence, a lack of follow-up, a failure to apply the lessons learned in battle and failure to be properly alert.” What battle is this genius talking about - and where do these lessons and commands come from? Naturally this genius of a minister has no actual authority, prestige or influence, which is the norm among his colleagues in the collaborator-government of Nouri al-Maliki, which has lost any legitimacy. And why hasn't he told us of the punishments imposed on the people in the Defense Ministry and commanders of his “courageous” army, who failed to apply these "teachings of battle?"


In stark contrast with what he himself and the Army chief of staff had to say, the Green Zone minister of defense commented: “The process of ramping up our readiness has begun" (What was he doing up to now, and what's taking his so long getting his men ready?), "and is proceeding with the integration of ground and tactical air support, and taking control of the security situation in cities from multi-national forces" (he means the invader U.S. forces, but is too ashamed to admit it) "leading to the completion of our plans to control overall national security.” Great. But if your army is so prepared, then why does Babakir Zebari - excuse me, I mean Iraq's Army chief of staff - want to keep U.S. forces here until the year 2020? What's the motive of the Kurd, Babakir Zebari, of having his American masters squatting on the chests of Iraqis like a black nightmare?   





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The attachment to their American masters and protectors of the chief of staff of the so-called Iraqi Army, Babakir Zebari, his great Zionist friend, [President of Iraqi Kurdistan] Massoud Barzani and Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari (another Zibari), whose star has also fallen recently, is nothing strange or new. But it fits perfectly with their decades-long treachery and brand of politics, which is devoid of any ethical or moral commitment, and involves putting oneself at the disposal of any country hostile to Iraq and its people.


Babakir Zebari's comments were not due to a concern for the interests of Iraq or its people, or any wish to build an Iraqi force capable of repelling external aggression, as the mouthpieces of the Kurdish media have tried to assert. On the contrary, those people, and by that I mean the collaborator Kurdish parties, don't recognize Iraq, its flag, its laws or its government, although they are an essential part of it. Everything they do, at all levels, stems from the fact that they are a sovereign and independent state, or so they think - and one filled with hatred, bitterness, plots and conspiracies.


They sit and wait for opportunities to pursue their agenda - and in these treacherous times, there are many. They collaborate with the Satans and demons of the planet to harm Iraqis and their homeland. Thus the Americans, be they occupiers, invaders or employers, remain for every traitor, collaborator or mercenary, regardless of gender, color or ethnicity, as a leading supporter, mentor and guarantor. But however long they stay, it won’t be forever. This is something Babakir Zebari deliberately ignores.



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