This terra cotta general discovered in 1974 in Shaanxi Province, dating

from 210 BC, is one of thousands of life-size terra cotta soldiers, horses

and chariots buried with the Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di - the first of a

largely-united China. Is there any reason for Western textbooks not to

cover China's ancient history the way they cover Greece and Rome?



Global Times, People's Republic of China

The West's Insulting Dismissal of China's Ancient History


Why aren't Westerners taught ancient Chinese history the way they are taught about ancient Rome? This anonymous writer from China's state-controlled Global Times is indignant that Chinese dynasties that he feels were far more significant than those in the West are largely ignored in Western history books.


By 'The Master' [举人]


Translated By Ann Kubusek


May 5, 2010


People's Republic of China - Global Times - Original Article (Chinese)

A bust of Gius Julius Caesar, the last consul of the Roman Republic and uncle to Rome's first emperor, Caeser Augustus. Is there a Western bias against teaching Chinese history?


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Chinese rediscover their imperial past, May 10, 00:02:43RealVideo

Over recent years, I've read a lot of Western history books, and I feel quite indignant. I could go off on a tirade about my opinion, but instead I'll simply say a little here on this forum.



Looking at the West's so-called world history books written by Western historians, one gets the impression that the world belongs to the West. The world’s hierarchy of knowledge has been based on the views of Westerners. Meanwhile, the pathetic Chinese are made to appear ignorant and in the dark, making vain attempts to emulate the West.


For example, when Western history books discuss ancient Roman history, it’s as though China’s Qin and Han dynasties, which were contemporary with Rome, simply didn't exist. Or if they did exist, they weren't worth mentioning. Don’t you find that strange? How big was the Empire of Rome? Can one compare it with the Qin and Han? Even if we take the whole of Europe, can it compare with the size of China? They can talk all they like about how great the Empire of Rome was - but they have no conception of how grand and magnificent the Qin and Han were. They talk of the great wars of the Roman Empire, but fail to utter a word about the six states that the Qin Emperor destroyed, or how Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty destroyed the Huns.    



[Editor's Note: The Qin Dynasty reigned from 221-206 BC, and the Han from 220 BC-206 AD. In terms of organization, population, inventiveness and sophistication, they were more than a match for the dominant empires of the West, particularly Rome.]


And these events basically unfolded during the same era. In their eyes, these events never happened. They can describe the Western world’s large-scale wars and its great many heroes, but they don’t know that all those wars added together don’t compare in dimension and scope to even one of China’s regime-changing wars.




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