Is Hugo Chavez stifling his critics with Nazi-like tactics?


El Universal, Venezuela

People Must Confront the

'Fascist-Militarist' Chavez


"The new governing elite accuse any leader that expresses dissent of being an agent of the CIA, and if that were not enough - it criminalizes protest."


By Stalin Gonzlez*


Translated by Miguel Guttierez


March 13, 2008


Venezuela - El Universal - Original Article (Spanish)

The improbably named Richard Nixon Moreno: A Venezuelan student leader wanted by the Venezuelan government, has tajen refuge for the past year in the Apostolic Nunciature in Merida.

For over a year now, a colleague of mine named Richard Nixon Moreno has had to seek diplomatic asylum at the Apostolic Nunciature because of the fascist tactics practiced by the Government against its opponents. One such practice is to repeat a lie until it becomes truth, which is what they have tried to do in Nixon's case.


[Editor's Note: Richard Nixon Moreno is a university student who led several demonstrations against Chavez until he was declared a criminal. He sought refuge in the Nunciature after government prosecutors accused him of attempted murder and assault during a student protest in 2006 . Many consider the case one of political persecution. On the other hand, many do not. Here is a recent article that suspects Moreno of being a U.S.-backed agitator seeking to undermine Hugo Chavez ].



The new governing elite accuse any leader that expresses dissent of being an agent of the CIA, and if that were not enough - it criminalizes protest. Now it also turns out that those who denounce administrative irregularity are "traitors;" those who want to reclaim their rights are Mexecuting the plans of "Empire"; those who demand elections be held by the Confederation of Universities at the University of the Andes are accused of lascivious acts; students who want a country for all are called "children of the rich" (if true, then we're the richest country in the world); and workers demanding improvements in wages and social security are the "germ of the Fourth Republic [Chavez founded the Fifth Republic Movement ]." And anyone who has a domestic gripe is "infiltrated by paramilitaries."


The plaza at the Apostolic Nunciature in Merida, where student leader Richard Nixon Moreno has taken refuge from Veneuelan authorities.

Now, any leader who believes that this country needs change s wrongfully disqualified by an Overseer. Is this mere happenstance or is the regime stifling dissent in a blatant manner? Instead of convincing people that their plans are best, they prefer to stifle any threat of dissent with rough-handed administrative and judicial power. They don't seem to realize that many people have been reflecting on the identities of the real traitors: it is they who have traded on the hopes for change of this marvelous people; and it is they who have traded on the vices of the Fourth Republic and who have grown increasingly distant from the people. With this backdrop, the way to proceed is for people to participate more in social affairs and work to organize and confront the fascist-militaristic one who leads the elites [Hugo Chavez], so that we can change course and achieve real transformation, which implies respecting and recognizing others.


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