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Hugo Chavez Scolds CNN for Coverage of Michael Jackson's Death


"The President of Venezuela has launched an attack on U.S. television network CNN for saturating the news with the death of the 'King of Pop,' while in Honduras, he warned, a coup d'état is taking place. … 'These are the evils of capitalism,' he warned."


Translated By Miguel Gutierrez


June 25, 2009


Mexico - El Universal - Original Article (Spanish)

Caracas, Venezuela: The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, this evening criticized U.S. television network CNN for giving more coverage to the death of pop star Michael Jackson than to the situation in Honduras, where he said, a coup d'état is taking place.


Chavez said that the news channel dedicated so much more time to the death of the dancer and singer than to the people of Honduras and their president, Manuel Zelaya, who are now risking their lives in the streets.  



"While the people of Honduras are in the streets led by their president confronting danger and potentially even death, CNN stuck all afternoon to broadcasting news of the death of Jackson," Chávez said in his program Hello, President.


"Well, if Jackson has died, may he rest in peace. But to spend all afternoon discussing the awards he won and I don't know how many records?" the president complained.


He warned that "these are the evils of capitalism" and asked supporters who attended the program that they "go to battle every day, the cultural battle," in a society "bombarded by the negative values of capitalism."




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