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Worldmeets.US is a non-profit project dedicated to helping Americans better understand the world and helping others better understand us.

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William Kern

“We are comprised of a group of people around the globe dedicated to gathering and translating the world's news and views about the United States for the benefit of the American people and English-speaking world. We are a public agency not beholden to private interests. My plea today is for you to help enable us to continue to provide and expand a historic and ambitious service that has never before been available.”

— Worldmeets Founder and Managing Editor William Kern

Worldmeets.US is a nonprofit journalism project founded with the purpose of connecting Americans with the rest of the world and informing them of global perceptions of their nation. In recent years as the corruption of the corporate media has become obvious, providing Americans with alternative sources of information has become one of our overriding concerns. Since January 2005, we have translated thousands of articles from the most prominent names in modern journalism never before available in English - from Le Figaro of Paris to Kitabat in Baghdad, from El Universal in Caracas to the People's Youth Daily of Beijing.

How will my tax deductible donation be spent?

Your donation to Worldmeets.US will help us remain an independent media organization fighting for your interests and cover costs related to our work. Your donation will also allow us to attend networking events and get word of our mission to people online, offline and in person. Finally, donations will help us pwith the next phase of our mission: to contibute to mounting a serious challenge to self-serving corporate media organizations that promote false narratives and fail to properly inform the American people. (Read about our mission).

Your donation is important in another way: It will show foundations that there is public support for our work. In other words, the number of people who donate is as important as the amount we raise. Please give what you can

How is my donation tax deductible?

Worldmeets.US is a federally-approved, 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation, so all donations are fully tax deductible. If you would like to donate by check, please make it payable to:

Worldmeets.US Incorporated
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Worldmeets.US Inc. is a New York nonprofit organization. Our budget and operations are governed by a five-member board (read more).

Who else is helping?

Worldmeets.US is currently 100 percent supported by dozens of volunteers around the world who donate time and talent in the public interest to make this service possible. We have ambitious goals to expand the power and interactivity of this project.

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