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Obama Committing 'Racial Suicide'


"In his recent stop in our African homeland, Barack Obama continued to reveal the essence of his Western metamorphosis. … He must take care that he doesn't fall into the same racist trick as his compatriot Michael Jackson, who mutilated his nose and transformed his rich cocoa-colored skin to a lifeless, pale white, to commit racial suicide."


By Dr. Henry A. Onwubiko*


August 3, 2009


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Ghana President John Atta Mills welcomes President Obama to the Presidential Castle in Accra, July 10.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Obamas visit slave fort; door of 'no return', June 11, 00:03:07WindowsVideo

In his recent brief stop in our African homeland, Barack Obama continued to reveal the essence of his Western metamorphosis. Soon after the omnipotent U.S. presidential mask was bestowed upon him, he rejected an invitation to attend a significant event - the U.N. Conference on Racism. He followed up on that with a Zimbabwe somersault and a memorable statement in Ghana about how Africans have to accept both responsibility and blame for their lack of development.


Now was it logical for the first Black U.S. president who governs a place where the first Africans arrived in Jamestown in 1619 in chains to reject an invitation by the U.N. Conference on Racism - where many nations of Africa, Asia and other continents took part? And what was his reason? Obama asserts that the conference doesn't represent what America stands for.


If any nation was most suitable to lead such a conference, it was the United States and its first Black President. In the late 1860s the United States fought a civil war over slavery and racism. The war was fought between the newly industrializing North led by Abraham Lincoln and the agrarian Southern Confederacy, where Black people farmed and picked cotton for Whites led by Jefferson Davis. It was the end of that civil war which led to the liberation of Blacks. This was later called by Lincoln, “Emancipation.”


In the United States, the period of the early 1900s and the first and second wars were characterized by a notorious racist creed known as "Jim Crow [see video below]." Jim Crow laws deepened racism and jungle justice, which included the burning and lynching by White mobs of Blacks, who had no recourse to justice. New Black Nationalist Movements arose to challenge this unparalleled barbarism. Among them were Marcus Garvey’s United Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Other Black leaders that emerged to challenge the mass killings and oppression of Blacks included the great Malcom X and of course, the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr.



While President Obama didn't serve as what Malcom X called, “a field negro” or witness the imposition of the diabolical Jim Crow, he certainly experienced the Civil Rights and Black Nationalist Movements of the 1960s, the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and the passage of the Civil Rights Bill. The rise of the Black Panther Party in the 1970s, the “Back to Africa Movement” and Pan Africanist Movement led by George Jackson, Stokely Carmichael, Amiri Baraka and others throughout the 1980s up to today, are strong indications that racism and the persecution of Blacks in the U.S. continue unabated and threaten the very survival of Africans in America.


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Furthermore, President Obama’s Kenyan father was influenced by the popular Mau-Mau rebellion against British colonialism and White supremacy led by Kenyatta and others. Thus, President Obama’s deliberate absence as well as the absence of the United States from the World Conference on Racism is best described as the metamorphosis of a “field negro” into a “house negro.”


Libyan ruler Muammar Qadhafi comments on U.S. democracy and 'Kenyan brother' Barack Obama, and says Obama suffers from an inferiority complex that might make him behave 'Whiter Than the White, June 11, 2008.


Al-Jazeera TV, Qatar: Qadhafi warns that Obama Suffers Inferiority Complex That Might Make Him Behave 'Whiter Than the White,' June 11, 00:07:43RealVideo

Demonstrating this mutation even further, Obama has gone on to strengthen George W. Bush’s policy toward Zimbabwe. Land, the predominant means of subsistence in Zimbabwe, had been under the unjust control of minority White settlers led by Ian Smith. Blacks fought a bitter revolution under Robert Mugabe and others to liberate themselves from racism and reclaim their only means of subsistence - land. Despite the Lancaster Agreement and in the interest of white settlers, Britain and the Western world led by the United States imposed severe economic sanctions on the young Zimbabwe.


Africans shed their blood in order to recover their means of subsistence from their former White masters. To reverse their gains, various types of racist propaganda were invented. In Zimbabwe, new parties with new stooges were created and Robert Mugabe became known as a “sit tight” leader - an attack that the West never made on any of its imperial allies - even the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. However, what really astonishes most Africans is the intense bellicosity President Barack Obama has shown in continuing the sanctions - even when America’s Western allies have hinted at resuming economic aid to Zimbabwe.


Obama’s excuse for not resuming aid to Zimbabwe was again related to what he feels were the absence of “democratic values.”


Despite the democratic efforts Zimbabwe has made, which included the replacement of its veteran prime minister with Morgan Tsvangirai, Zimbabwe continues to be strangled by hyperinflation. With its people wallowing in abject poverty, the racists in their narcissism feel that they must prove to themselves that Zimbabweans can't feed themselves without White farmers.  



Let us note the case of South Africa, in which Blacks under the African National Congress accepted a negotiated end to Apartheid. There, the means of subsistence has remained in the hands of the White minority while the Black population continues to suffer skyrocketing unemployment, poverty, poor education and very high mortality rates. Have Obama and the Western allies he leads cared to redress this injustice? Rather, as a means of deception, they are busy contemplating how to erect statues in Europe to Black leaders.


Obama’s latest assertion came on his brief stopover in Ghana, having come from Saudi Arabia where there are no pretexts to elections. Again, true to his master’s voice and in defense and applause of White supremacists, he utters that Africans should accept the blame for their underdevelopment. While our own [Nigerian attorney] Femi Falana responded to this blunder and self alienation, its logical rebuttal comes from numerous well-researched historical texts from Diop, Cabral, Amin, Rodney and others. Obama may refer to Rodney’s How Europe Underdeveloped Africa for a start. Barrack Obama is walking a tight corner.


President Barack Obama addresses Ghana's Parliament in

Accra, Ghana, July 11.



Coming from a Black minority that makes up 12 percent of the American population and representing the Democratic Party, which is comprised of a substantial White majority, he must be careful not to be alienated from his own Black identity. Without a sense of his Black and African origins, he runs the risk of being inadvertently used by the White majority in reversing much of the civil rights gains and affirmative action won by previous Black struggles led by King, Malcom X and others.


Obama must take care that he doesn't fall into the same racist trick as his compatriot Michael Jackson, who mutilated his nose and transformed his rich cocoa-colored skin to a lifeless, pale white, to commit racial suicide. Should he fall for the same trick, the damage to himself and African progress will be immense and immeasurable.


*Henry A. Onwubiko is a social activist and a professor of biology at the University of Nigeria
































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