One of the few regimes that can top the Burmese junta in pure

unadulterated cravenness, North Korean despot Kim Kong-il and

his military posse ponder their next move, in this photo handed

out by Pyongyang, reported to have been taken early last month.



Daily North Korea, South Korea

North Koreans May Be Turning Against the Regime and Beijing


"Now when the authorities blame America for the lack of food, people ask in turn, 'Is it the responsibility of America and South Korea to feed us? … why won't China help us, since it's our closest ally?'


-- A North Korean interviewed by the Daily North Korea


By Lee Sung Jin


May 8, 2008


South Korea - Daily North Korea - Original Article (English)

Yanji, China: It appears that North Koreans are expressing increasing doubt about government claims that South Korea and the United States are responsible for the latest food crisis.


North Korea's Ryanggang Province, where the meeting described herein took place.

In a telephone interview on May 1st, a source from Ryanggang Province told The DailyNK, “At a conference of the Union of Democratic Women, called to commemorate the founding of the Korean People's Army on April 25th, one speaker humiliated herself by blaming [South Korean] President Lee" for the crisis.


One of a series of meetings now being held across the country to extol the military, this meeting was held at the conference hall of the General Federation of Korean Trade Unions in Ryanggang Province.


The source reported that, “A lecture was given, entitled ‘Our revolutionary weapons are an invincible force for building a strong military-first country.' During the lecture, he said that the politics of putting the military first were, "praised even more highly than the People’s Army itself.”


During the conference, a speaker is said to have explained the state of international and domestic affairs by saying, "the U.S. and the puppet regime (the Lee Administration in South Korea) have overridden peaceful agreements between North and South (referring to the June 15th Joint Declaration and the October 4th Agreement) in order to create a serious food crisis in our Republic.”


Then our source reports that there was an awkward atmosphere in the hall after the chairperson of a People’s Unit from Hyehwa-dong in the city of Hyesan  asked forthrightly, “We understand that the Americans and Lee’s puppet faction aren't helping us with rice, but why won’t China help us, since it's our closest ally?” The speaker’s face turned pale at the question and a silent tension filled the hall.


“At that moment, a woman sitting next to the chairperson began to chuckle. Putting her head down, others here and there people began to chuckle too, and eventually the entire hall was engulfed in laughter,” the source told The DailyNK.   Posted by WORLDMEETS.US


The speaker reportedly responded in the midst of his own mirth, “We all know how the lecture material reads. You all understand the situation and understand what I'm saying, right?" This comment, according to our source, "sent people rolling in the aisles” and showed that, “how absurd the propaganda released by the authorities really.”


Now when the authorities blame America for the lack of food, people ask in turn, 'Is it the responsibility of America and South Korea to feed us?' People have grown to dislike China, which hasn't aided us sufficiently, and yet always emphasizes the China-North Korea relationship.”


The source concluded by saying sarcastically, “How put upon must these speakers feel when forced to lecture people with such nonsense! I don’t know why they still go through with these conferences.”


















































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