George Hussein Onyango Obama: According to reports, a man

seeking to raise funds to rescue him from of poverty has only

one purpose: to embarrass Barack Obama.



The Daily Nation, Kenya

Smearing Barack By 'Helping' His Half-Brother


"Where was this latter-day savior before Barack appeared in the news pages? Why is it that he's only interested in helping the relative of a celebrity, whereas hunger is rasping millions of other Kenyans? You resort to the cheapest, meanest tactics to thwart a candidate's quest. You are a godforsaken liar."


By Philip Ochieng


September 13, 2008


Kenya - The Daily Nation - Original Article (English)

Dinesh D'Souza: The man behind an election-related effort to help Barack Obama's half brother 'escape' from poverty.


Link to Dinesh D'Souza's charity-effort to 'help' Barack Obama's half-brother George. RealVideo

Barack Obama's popularity can be gauged by the growing desperation with which his enemies are fighting him. Some self-appointed individuals are now busy collecting money from Americans to lift one of Barack's Kenyan siblings [George Hussein Onyango Obama] out of poverty. A man who may be a Kenyan of Goan origin, is seeking to "rescue" Obama's half-brother from "misery" in a Nairobi slum. Don't you smell a rat?


[The man raising money for Obama's brother is Dinesh D'Souza, an ultra-conservative Republican and supporter of John McCain, who was born in Mumbai, India - not Goa ]


First, to live in a slum isn't necessarily to be a pauper. I know individuals with lots of money who live permanently in such areas.


Secondly, where was this latter-day savior before Barack appeared in the news pages? Why is it that he's only interested in helping the relative of a celebrity, whereas hunger is rasping millions of other Kenyans?


If he were a genuine savior, wouldn't he organize an institution - like Father Grol's Undugu Society - to channel publicly collected funds to benefit more human beings? Granted, he has a right to choose to help only a single individual.


But in the event, why not do so privately?


Publicity - I grant you - will help even in an impersonal cause. But the ulterior motives here stand out like the San Francisco Bay due to the manner in which our "savior" hankers after news headlines. Genuine Good Samaritans don't toot their own horns.


Moreover, if the chosen recipient is the brother of a candidate for the most powerful office in history; if you don't have the grace to inform that candidate that you are collecting money for his brother; if you don't attempt to channel your "charity" through him; then the perniciousness of your motives become as apparent as a pikestaff.




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"You" are merely trying to embarrass the Senator. The urge in your puny mind is to convince the world that Barack is a skinflint who cares nothing about helping his own brother out of a quagmire. You are telling Americans that the man seeking their votes is a sadist whose entire paternal clan in Kenya is perishing from hunger. You say (not a word!) of your evident view that Barack is a leader unto the darkness of death and that the American electorate should reject him outright. You resort to the cheapest, meanest tactics to thwart a candidate's quest. You are a godforsaken liar.


Ordinarily, of course, the anti-Obama propaganda is impelled by racism. But Afro-Saxons, British Rajas and Uncle Toms for hire abound. They are hungry in the extreme and have lost every ounce of self-respect and dignity. They will pocket any thirty pieces of silver to bear false witness against their own kind. I have suffered terribly at the hands of such suborned witnesses, namely, U.S. newspaper correspondents.


They have twisted my every word beyond recognition to feed their long-held prejudices against Black people (and Arabs, Turks, Chicanos, sub-continentals, Mongoloids and, up until recently, Jews).


A reader e-mails to ask me for an instance of what Mark Twain called the "silent-assertion of lies." Another reader chips in with a recent media allegation meant to denigrate the other candidate. It's that John McCain has a "Black" son. Of course, by America's definition of "Black," he has.


But in a race-demented society, imagine what damage you could cause a candidate and his wife if you don't go on to explain that the boy is adopted and of Indian parentage. [Actually, John and Cindy McCain adopted a Bangladeshi girl - and do not have a mixed-race or Black son].



That is a good example of an "unspoken lie." The tragedy is that a nation as great as America chooses to drown in such bilge water.


I have never met Barack. But he seems ready and able to serve his country with dedication. I also expect him - as leader of the superpower - not to look at the world with George Bush's "American-centric" lenses.


George Hussein Onyango Obama: Does he need or want the

help of right-wing U.S. Republicans?


Moreover, because he has roots in my country and because his father was my friend, I expect him to look on Kenya with particular favor. That's a good subjective reason I wish him victory: I may personally benefit.



But good sense tells me that Barack can't take care of the needs of every individual in America itself, leave alone in Kenya. It's quite natural for the Kogelo [the birthplace of Obama's father] to think that Barack will make every member of the clan a millionaire. But it is totally unrealistic. For he won't.


It is not that he's unwilling - I know that he will try. It's kust that it is impossible. Just as John F. Kennedy - Barack's analogue - served only America's interests, rather than Ireland's, so Barack's first duty will be to America and not to Kenya.


That is one answer to those who seek to ruin Obama's chances by cooking up stories that he is cruel to his African family. My advice to Americans is: Take Barack to the Oval Office because he represents genuine change for America's psychology.

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