U.S. forces, for the first time, march in Red Square during a test run

for Victory Day celebrations in Moscow, to recall the 65th anniversary

of the end of World War II, May 7.



Argument y Facty, Russia

American Soldiers 'Capture' Red Square!


"American soldiers have marched on Red Square - and the world hasn’t come to an end. Last night, the center of Moscow was captured by U.S. troops."


By Olga Bozh'eva


Translated By Yekaterina Blinova


March 6, 2010


Russia - Argument y Facty - Original Article (Russian)


Perhaps more astounding than the participation of United States or British forces was the appearance of Polish troops in Red Square.


RUSSIA TODAY VIDEO: Footage from with air and ground vehicles taking part in the Victory Day Parade, May 9, 00:02:06RealVideo

American soldiers have marched on Red Square - and the world hasn’t come to an end.


Last night, the center of Moscow was captured by U.S. troops.


Uninformed city folk shot puzzled glances at one another, some even indignant, when a column of brave Yankees, marched at a measured pace, into Red Square. Because the fact is that never before have soldiers from the NATO countries marched alongside the Kremlin walls.


Oooh, so you're rehearsing,” said one onlooker with a sigh of relief, mimicking the tone of Anton Semenovich Shpak, one of the characters from Gaidai's famous film. This rehearsal is important, but it's not the last. On Thursday, soldiers from the second battalion of the U.S. 8th Infantry Regiment will march by the [Lenin] Mausoleum. Along with them will march over 10,000 Russian troops, about a thousand soldier from the Commonwealth of Independent States, select members of the British, French, and Polish armed forces. Today’s test run, as theater folks say, really will be the last. Then - it's time for the Victory Parade itself.


Muscovites can only be envied: they'll see not only the soldiers, but also the technology - 159 ground combat vehicles. And if they aren't too lazy to raise their heads -127 aircraft and helicopters. It’s not hard to get confused with such variety, so Argument y Facty has found out what's worth paying attention to.




Polish soldiers told Argument y Facty: “Even average people are coming up to us on the street and greeting us with such warmth!”


Welcoming the European Victory Parade participants on Wednesday, young staffers from the Museum of Armed Forces cooed, "Eagles Everyone!," rolling their eyes with admiration. Foreign troops who march on Red Square May 9th will receive medals commemorating their, “participation in the Victory Day military parade.”




Troops from Poland, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Turkmenistan and Tadzhikistan arrived in 20 buses. When 400 handsome, broad-shouldered, tall and stately service members lined up near the museum, even Russian Defense Ministry officials observing the line-up couldn't hold back cries of approval.


The most memorable were the Poles. Argument y Facty spoke with Polish soldiers, who gave their impressions the trip to Moscow.


"On April 30 we landed in Chkalov Airport. Since we've been here, we've managed to see much of the city. We were taken to the Vernadsky Circus, we saw the Zvenigorod Monastery, the Kubinka Museum, and of course, we visited Red Square," reported the Polish Army Honor Guard commander, Lieutenant Colonel Voichekh Erbel.



"Our impressions have been most favorable. We really never really expect to be so well received. We have great accommodations. We were pleasantly surprised that even average people on the street are coming up to us and greeting us with such warmth," continued honor guard sergeant, Miroslav Mjeka.


"We're amazed by the organization and how professionally Russian troops collected over 10,000 people for the parade rehearsal," says Corporal Richard Stavitzky. 


According to Lieutenant Colonel Erbel, the selection of soldiers to take part in the Victory Parade honor guard followed the most exacting standards. As a result, only the best prepared troops from the most elite units were sent to Moscow.




“Chrysanthemum,” “Weeping willow,” “Coral,” “Danko,” these are the names of the so-called shells that will be displayed for the first time in the capitol’s skies during the celebratory fireworks on May 9th. The spectacle promises to be extraordinary. Instead of the traditional ten minutes of fireworks, this time the display will last fifteen. In that time about 4,500 rockets will be launched.    



All told, fireworks sites in 14 places will be organized in Moscow. In addition to the traditional sites, there will be two more in the Kremlin area: one near the hotel “Russia,” and another one on the Prechistenskaya embankment. At precisely 10pm Moscow time, eleven rocket stations will fire up on Sparrow Hills and 11 stations at Victory Park. Altogether, the anniversary fireworks will use 72 stations and 18 cannons.


With regard to new fireworks technology, the army didn't disclose all of its secrets. But it's known, for instance, that the “Chrysanthemum” will appear as a splash of spherical red, yellow, green and blue color, while the “Coral” is monotone (thick yellows, reds or greens). Such fireworks as the “Oriole” will be displayed for the first time (shooting out with a piercing hiss, it forms a bright multicolored sphere) and “Red Stars” (a scarlet bouquet that twinkles with a crack as it burns out).


According to the commander of the special firework division of the Moscow Military District, Colonel Vyacheslav Paradnikov, “The industry is developing” new 195-millimiter and 125-millimeter missile “Tricolors" especially for the anniversary celebrations.



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