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Marriage in America: ‘Man, Woman and God’ (NU, The Netherlands)


“Could this cost Obama reelection? That isn’t impossible. … Republicans argue that America will become a pool of irreversible moral decay if the plans of the president continue. That sounds idiotic to Europeans. Have the Netherlands been struck down by God’s wrath since we’ve allowed gay marriage? Well then!”


By Charles Groenhuijsen



Translated By Marion Pini


May 10, 2012


The Netherlands – NU – Original Article (Dutch)

Obama's civil rights gamble: With an issue as fast-moving as the acceptance of homosexuality, most political strategists are flummoxed about the consequences of his public approval of gay marriage.

BBC NEWS VIDEO: U.S. Republican hopeful Romney rejects same-sex marriage, May 12, 00:01:30RealVideo

The greatest revulsion toward gay marriage exists among Americans who live biblically-inspired lives.


And America has many such believers - particularly very strict believers. Compared to these folks, the most serious people at the Evangelical Broadcasting Group are a frivolous lot.


I think it’s splendid and fine by me that people want to live that way. It wouldn’t be my choice, but in a free country like America, everyone is free to believe or not believe. As far as I’m concerned, one should be allowed to be very-much against gay marriage. No one should be forced to enter a same-sex marriage. Long live freedom!


But what possesses such Americans to want to interfere in other people’s lives - up to and including in the bedroom?


The amount of marriages that fail in America every year far exceeds a million - that’s more than 3,000 a day! These are all heterosexuals who get stuck in their God-given marriages. That is a very sad statistic.




Even sadder: Many homosexuals - often living together perfectly happily and harmoniously for many years - are not allowed to marry. Those biblical Christians have imagined that God seriously disapproves of this. Their God - not mine! And not even the God of future gay couples …


However, due to the great influence of strict pastors and ministers, the political debate regarding “gay marriage” has been utterly paralyzed for years. They arrogantly impose their will on people who want to live differently than themselves. That is detestable.




Has Barack Obama’s position on gay marriage fundamentally changed anything? Yes and no.


Yes, because it was hitherto inconceivable that a president would openly speak up for “same-sex marriage.” This message from the White House is a landmark and a step toward equality for gay and straight.

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No, because it isn’t the president in Washington that can decide to alter marriage laws, but the 50 U.S. states. Most states won’t allow this to happen. The opposition is too great.




Many gay men will have to shelve their wish to get married for the time being. American Christians and their politician friends stand for justice and equality (the Bible says many things worthy of consideration in this regard) but those privileges only apply to heterosexuals.


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The decision by Barack Obama to now speak out for gay marriage is brave but also risky. Will his Republican opponents use this to their benefit? Could this cost Obama reelection? That isn’t impossible.


Moral decay


Republicans argue that America will become a pool of irreversible moral decay if the plans of the president continue. That sounds idiotic to Europeans. Have the Netherlands been struck down by God’s wrath since we’ve allowed gay marriage? Well then!


But in the U.S. they swallow this story of a looming threat whole. It is God’s word! It is not up for discussion. Or doubt.


After all, it is clearly written on the sign by the church: “Man, woman and God.”


As long as you see signs like that along America’s roads, gay men and women in the country will still have a lot to gain. Hopefully they have some patience.




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