Punk band Pussy Riot performs during protest at the

Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow, Feb. 21.


Pussy Riot Punks and the 'Innocence of Christians' (Komsomolskaya Pravda, Russia)


"We finally have an answer to the question of what would have happened to the feminist-punk band Pussy Riot if they had jerked their legs around and screamed in a mosque. It was provided by the tens of thousands of average Muslims who have destroyed U.S. embassies, instigated anti-American rioting and even killed an American envoy."


By Alexandr Grishin



Translated By Anastassia Tapsieva


September 19, 2012


Russia - Komsomolskaya Pravda - Original Article (Russian)

Madonna on tour in Europe shows her colors, stamping the name of a band of young women named Pussy Riot who were so bold as to challenge Vladimir Putin.

RUSSIA TODAY: Pussy Riot guilty of 'hooliganism motivated by religious hatred,' sentenced to two years in prison, Aug. 17, 00:04:12RealVideo

Well, we finally have an answer to the question of what would have happened to the feminist-punk band Pussy Riot if they had jerked their legs around and screamed in a mosque. The answer wasn’t provided by the politically-motivated and tolerant clutch of imams presented by the liberal community as examples for the "obscurantist" Russian Orthodox Church, but by the tens of thousands of average Muslims who have destroyed U.S. Embassies, instigated anti-American rioting and even killed an American envoy who had played a major role in freeing them from “tyranny.”


The official reason for the wave of protest in the Muslim world is an amateur video production entitled The Innocence of Muslims, which uses an insulting tone to tell the story of the Prophet Mohammad. (Incidentally, when I watched a clip of the film on the Internet, I felt nothing but disgust, convinced that the film was made by a former porn director). In both the case of Pussy Riot and this film, there is contempt for the feelings of believers.

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The unrest spread across the Muslim world (not just in the Middle East, the Maghreb and Central Asia, but even in Australia and the E.U., and with the exception of Saudi Arabia and other equally-odiously clerical regimes in the Persian Gulf, where total silence prevails. And this is yet another reason to think about what is going on). The people who suffer as a result not only have nothing to do with the making of this provocative film, but may have not have even been aware of its existence.

Pussy Riot members Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Maria Alekhina

and Yekaterina Samutsevich in a Moscow court cage in August.


It's as if in response to Pussy Riot's “punk mass,” a group of Russian Orthodox activists attacked a local campaign office of the LGBT movement in Ryazan or Khabarovsk. But this is not simply a matter of different reactions by the followers of different faiths, but the reaction of the “global progressive community.”


As you can imagine, I am talking about standing up, like Paul McCartney, or 'backing" (as is the case with Madonna), the protection of free expression. Or like the organized and not-so-organized ranks of Russian and international rights activists, who have raised their voices in defense of Pussy Riot. But what about announcing to the Muslim world, “Hands off artists! Temper your bigotry! Say no to repression!”? Where is the powerful voice of liberal society?! It isn't there.


McCartney and Madonna, who are continuing their tours, are silent, as are our petty rights activists. Could they perhaps be afraid? But people are dying right now; unimplicated people, innocent people.


Moreover, some petty defenders of rights and freedom have already spoken out in condemnation of the film and its creators. People like U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - who by the way has already privately discussed the issue of our punk-hooligans with the foreign minister (it is said that Sergei Lavrov was at first taken aback, not quite understanding what Mrs. Clinton was suggesting to him). And the U.N. has already formulated a statement that it “rejects the defamation of religion in all its forms.”




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Does that mean that whenever it affects you and begins to burn, freedom of speech can be sacrificed? You, gentlemen [and ladies], should make up your minds already. Because otherwise, it looks as if “human rights” need to be protected from Russian authorities, but not from radical Islamists. Or are you saving your voices for the day you will speak out against Russian authorities in defense of creators of similar bullshit, only this time under the title Innocence of Christians, as then it will be they who face legal prosecution?


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