Zimbabwean despot Robert Mugabe: Fanning the fames of racism and denying

the Holocaust to keep his hold on power.



The Herald, Zimbabwe

Why America Sent a Black Man to Do a White Man's Job ...


As the despotic regime of Robert Mugabe slowly unravels, the content in its rigidly-controlled state media quite accurately reflects the mania of that unfortunate nation's chief executive. In one of the most outrageous op-eds this editor has ever read from any country, Nathaniel Manheru writes for The Herald of Zimbabwe about Americas' new ambassador to that nation. Manheru begins by describing a quip he claims is going around Zimbabwe about James McGee, America's Ambassador to that country:


"When it comes to interests and purpose, he [McGee] is decidedly White. …White America is now so confident of the Whiteness of its Blacks that color is no longer an issue. Color is no longer a perspective. Look at Obama - he could be White America's next President, and be far better at pushing her agenda than George W. Bush!"


In explaining that he disagreed with this 'quip,' Manheru tells us what he told the person who uttered it:


"I reminded this person that Obama was only of use for knocking Clinton out of the race, since she is the real threat to John McCain, but certainly not as a potential President of White America. McGee will deliver Zimbabwe to McCain, the same way Obama will clear the way for McCain's presidency."


Manheru also explains how America is able to find people of color willing to represent it abroad:


"America's multiculturalism arises not from the largeness of its heart, but from the sheer expansiveness of its global imperial designs. It is a weapon of war, which is why America's citizens of dark color eagerly await overseas aggression to find their place and glory, albeit for a short while."


By Nathaniel Manheru


May 17, 2008


Zimbabwe - The Herald - Original Article (English)

When James McGee took up his post in Zimbabwe, he made it clear that Zimbabweans should never confuse the tint of his skin with the color of his assignment here. He had come as an agent and representative of the American Government and American interests.


These he would protect and pursue relentlessly - ruthlessly if need be. I hope everyone took note. I certainly did, and I still do. But I also hope that by the same logic, Mr. McGee grants Zimbabwe the same right, free indeed of any obligations suggested by skin pigmentation.


And when it comes to interests and purpose, he is decidedly White. And when it comes to Zimbabwe's purpose and interests, it is incurably Black. Our paths may never meet. That mush should be clear.




Allow me to favor him with a bit of information. His arrival triggered a debate on why White America had chosen a black covering for its envoy here - and at this point in the history of U.S.-Zimbabwe relations. It is the same question debated here following the appointment of Powell, Rice and Frazer to high posts in the American Administration.


We knew of Mr. McGee's checkered history in another country in our region [Nigeria], and in Madagascar. We also knew of his role in fighting America's wars in Vietnam [Air Force pilot].


I remember someone quipping "White America is now so confident of the Whiteness of its Blacks that color is no longer an issue. Color is no longer a perspective. Look at Obama - he could be White America's next President, and be far better at pushing her agenda than George W. Bush!"


I disagreed vehemently with that reading, reminding the maker of this frivolous point that Zimbabwe and the ruling Zanu-PF retain staunch support within respectable African-African American circles [African Americans that are not descended from slaves]; and that as a matter of fact, many self respecting African-African Americans resent being identified with these Black pastes on America's stripes and stars. [Those Black Americans that behave like Whites].


I also reminded this person that Obama was only of use for knocking Clinton out of the race, since she is the real threat to John McCain, but certainly not as a potential President of White America. McGee will deliver Zimbabwe to McCain, the same way Obama will clear the way for McCain's presidency.


The debate went much further. How should we handle McGee if in pursuit of White America's interests, he begins to take a hostile line toward Zimbabwe? Again, I reminded those present that McGee would take a hostile line, sooner rather than later.


But I saw no dilemma: we will handle him like a White American, which is what he is, until he limps back home to the anonymity of retirement. But the debate revealed a lingering complex derived from our history. Our incorrigible desire to be nice and good to anyone carrying our complexion makes us susceptible to needless dilemmas.


It is a disposition of gratuitous kindness often expressed against the imperatives of the history we have lived through. And if the cruel history we have lived and endured hasn't taught us that not everything Black is really Black, and that anything White cannot be Black, I guess nothing ever will.


A people who can't learn from thongs of a cruel history can hardly be expected to learn from the fawning kisses and kindness deployed in peacetime. Such people have such an acute wish to be loved, that they will smile after a splatter of sod lands on their forehead.




But the point goes much deeper. A people who can't read or quantify the pain of history, the massive injury done to them by other nationalities throughout history, cannot be a people in history. Building a collective identity is based, among other things, on the bitterness and bruises that have been suffered and shared in history, and which becomes a rallying point for building a nation.


Just ask the Jews, who go as far as declaring war on those who seek to challenge the myth of the Nazi holocaust.


That myth founded them, sustains them, motivates them and unites them. Ask the Palestinians, themselves victims of Jewish victims. They know that each of their dead must go toward building an Arab counter-myth to the holocaust, by which Jewish genocidal atrocities against them will be put beyond error and culpability for all time.




We put too much stock in the man outside and forget the monster inside, we people of little judgment! As if we didn't bring to the world the wisdom of the proverbial fig: sumptuous rind to please the eye, but dark, creeping vermin inside. True, the saying is meant to caution the love-smitten in the human drama of courtship.


But who says its semantic range is limited to mortal seductive beauty? No, it extends to warning one against the danger of color-based solidarity belying an ugly and sinister White beneath. It's as if we forget that America is a nation of color. It has perfected the art of deploying its rich colors to great effect. That's why multiculturalism and multicolor-ism are so central to understanding her foreign policy.




When Iraq was attacked, the spokesperson for the "coalition of the willing" was a bloodshot-American spotting the smoked skin and hard, thick lips of an Arab. Aggression and genocidal massacre of Iraqis was made palatable to the world by Arab lips.


That is how consent for the war was manufacture - the destruction of Arab life endorsed and normalized. The same happened in Afghanistan. The same would happen on the African continent the day America decides we deserve a bit of its hot, molten iron in our bodies before it takes our prized raw materials.


America's multiculturalism arises not from the largeness of its heart, but from the sheer expansiveness of its global imperial designs. It is a weapon of war, which is why America's citizens of dark color eagerly await overseas aggression to find their place and glory, albeit for a short while.


If you are an American of Arab roots, you prayerfully hope Syria or Iran will be next, since perhaps the American military will designate you a spokesperson. If you are an African-African American, you hope Zimbabwe is next so you can become the Black spokesperson to cleanse such infamy.




Former U.S. Ambassador to Zimbabwe J. Stephen Rhodes.

At some point, a Black ambassador had to come to Zimbabwe. He came well before the situation in Zimbabwe was ripe for regime change and before America had built a critical mass of "right-thinking" African-African Americans.


We had Ambassador J. Steven Rhodes here [Apr.-Aug. 1990], who turned to be wrong -a premature deployment of Blackness. Beyond his title as America's ambassador here, he turned out to be an African-African American who read Garvey, Malcolm X and Nkrumah. He didn't last.


When the time was right, a McGee was bound to come, the same way Andrew Young came to win the confidence of liberation movements which threatened to overrun White Rhodesia in the late 1970s. It's very important to know that not everything Black isn't White.




The technique remains the same: see one side; hear one side; speak one side. We saw this at work in the run-up to the attack on Iraq. America built up evidence with which to justify aggression using sources that had a vested interest in damning Saddam Hussein and his Baathist Party.


She accrued testimonials from people opposed to Saddam - people that America herself had accepted as exiles in preparation for Saddam's ouster. Why did they expect the rat to plead for the accused groundnut? Now on to brother McGee.


Over the past two weeks, McGee has been very active. He has led diplomatic missions comprised mostly of Westerners to many places to build a story of a Zanu-PF-led torture campaign in the countryside.


He has been to the Avenues Hospital and hospitals and clinics in Mvurwi with the so-called international media in tow. And he gives interviews to anyone who cares to ask. He has also harpooned African envoys hoping to dramatize African outrage against Zanu-PF "atrocities."


In one interview, he revealed his entire game plan. It is to pin down the Zanu-PF and Zimbabwe to force a debate at the U.N. Security Council, "which will happen very soon." Currently, Britain is in the chair [has the Security Council presidency].


Next month, America will be in the chair, which is what explains McGee's optimism. His comments are outrageously unguarded, suggesting more an angry American fighting an unjust war in Vietnam than a circumspect ambassador with any claim to sophistication. The violence is 99.9 percent Zanu-PF, he says. If there are any Zanu-PF victims - and he says he's not aware of any - these would have earned it by provoking MDC [Movement of Democratic Change] retaliation!


The man has made up his mind and will not be moved by anyone or anything. He's defiant and will push aside the police to access any location. Using an arsenal of illegally imported equipment, he pipes his choreographed encounters to CNN which quickly obliges: "Zimbabwe authorities stop American ambassador twice." It's like one has dared ask God why he is called Almighty, you - a mere, puny mortal!




Archbishop Pius Ncube: One of Robert Mugabe's most effective opponents.

But McGee has come with some good evidence. People must see a video produced by an organization called Solidarity Peace Trust, which clearly shows that the Zanu-PF is culpable! But when one searched for information on this organization - horror of horror! -It's an non-governmental organization registered in South Africa co-chaired by Pius Ncube and Bishop Rubin Phillip of KwaZulu-Natal Anglican church.


[Editor's Note: Mugabe has tried to smear Zimbabwe Archbishop Pius Ncube . But to no avail. Ncube has been a staunch opponent of the regime. Bishop Rubin Phillip has campaigned against allowing a shipment of Chinese weapons to be delivered to the Mugabe regime]].


It's the same Ncube of church sex-scandals who accosts America to invade and topple President Mugabe. The same Bishop Rubin who mounts action against a Chinese arms shipment to the southern African states, including Zimbabwe.


These are avowed enemies of the Zanu-PF and unconditional supporters of the MDC, set up and sponsored by the American Government. Why would they have any other motive than to damn Mugabe, the Zanu-PF and Zimbabwe? Why would the American ambassador pretend to have discovered material that was gathered, compiled and commissioned by intelligence officers that his Government has deployed in industrial quantities, having smelled the blood of the Zanu-PF? Why feign distance?




Secondly, who are these victims? Who are the villains? What is this violence? These are fundamental questions that the fixation on images of a torn buttocks is meant to push away. You have villagers who are clearly traumatized but who have been rounded up and checked into Harare's most expensive hospital, the Avenues Clinic.


They have even spilled over to the West End clinic. Until now, they weren't known. Until now they would never have dreamed of availing themselves of such first class facilities. They have no money and are clearly village wretches - and not through the violence that has been visited upon them, but by historical processes that McGee wouldn’t want to discuss. But they are in Avenues. They are predominantly women aged 30 to 40 and badly hurt and bruised. Surprisingly, these are calibrated injuries, mostly on buttocks, under the feet and the back. Relatives who visit them are all middle class coxcombs from the city.


Mr. McGee, something isn't adding up here. After visiting hours, these "relatives" troop out and congregate to swap animated gossip, all political, before disappearing in the direction of Harvest House or some such MDC-connected NGO office or safe house.





Much worse, the kingly rags-to-riches victims have been checked on by one Dr. Lovemore, herself historically associated with the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions  and the Amani Trust .


She runs something called the Counseling Services Union, again U.S./U.K. funded, and positioned just in time for the violence we all didn't know would come, but which the West predicted and wished through their media networks. More dramatically, Avenues Clinic has a standing contract with the Counseling Services Union, clinched well before the poll and the violence!


Most dramatically, Counseling Services Union generously offers to pay the admitting hospitals in the currency of their choice, with Avenues receiving payment in hard currency. Goodness me! Including Doctors for Human Rights - which is why habitually scarce doctors are always abundant for this assignment. And they are even keen to set aside the rules governing visits to victims.


They will allow you anytime and grant you as much time as you want to get the outrage affixed to the Zanu-PF. Come on!




Let us not have short memories. We saw this kind of operation during our liberation struggle, did we not? We had Selous Scouts here, did we not? Cruel men of Rhodesia who melted into farming soon after the war. We had the Special Branch here, did we not? Cruel men who melted into civilian outfits soon after. 



[Editor's Note: The Selous Scouts was a special forces regiment of the Rhodesian Army which operated from 1973 until the introduction of majority rule and the country's independence as Zimbabwe in 1980 ].


We had Rhodesia African Rifles , did we not? African askaris who came under the command of White officers - the majority of whom were drawn from territorials. And territorials were White farmers. Rhodesia had a small standing army which got a boost from the farms. Have we forgotten that?


Which stupid Zanu-PFsupporter would create a torture base and leave it intact for Mr. McGee to come and inspect for maximum damage against the Zanu-PF? Are we not stretching believability?


Has anyone asked why Gutu, Hurungwe, Buhera and Chikomba have become critical for the MDC? What was the significance of these districts during the war? And why is the violence following the zone of resettlement, targeting new farmers, Zanu-PF supporters or MDC turncoats?


Ambassador, are you puzzled by this the way we are? And why don't you visit victims of the Mayo and Shamva? [Tribes loyal to the opposition MDC - which seems to have won the recent elections].


Where have you put the U.N. reports that indicated that the MDC was also a villain, not just a victim?


Why haven't you investigated the role and place of White farmers in all this? Have they now found a new version of Rhodesia's war veterans, those roving MDC thugs that they have equipped with vehicles, cameras and crude weaponry, to effect new land occupations?


Are we not seeing the MDC's land policy unfolding ahead of the run-off? When you see an MDC youth arrested amid scenes of violence who is unemployed, unkempt, he wields an expensive camera and an expensive cell phone with roaming capability. These abundantly unsophisticated uneducated youths even have the hotlines of the BBC and CNN.


So many questions and no one interested in answering them.


The Zanu-PF has to be indicted - guilty or not. Sooner than later, the link will be made among the violence, a former White now in self-exile and White commercial farmers who drifted back, at which point Mr. McGee will have a major rethink.


That's assuming that his mission, his conscience and his decency are compatible. In the meantime, McGee defies his Blackness, his history as a descendant of White atrocities and has become such a wonderful, lovely White man. Icho!




[Editor's Note: Reporters Without Borders rates Zimbabwe's media as "Situation Difficult "].

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