President Hugo Chavez at Venezuela's Manuel Rios Air Base,

where Russian TU-160 strategic bombers landed on Sept.

11. As a reaction to the Georgia crisis, Moscow is 'flexing its

muscles' in America's 'backyard.



El Patagonico, Argentina

Chavez Welcomes Russian Bombers; Proclaims 'Yankee Hegemony is Over'


"Russian planes, strategic bombers, TU-160s have landed in Venezuela, Yes. So that you feel the pain, little-Yankees, I'll even fly one of those beasts."


-- President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela


Translated By Miguel Gutierrez


September 10, 2008


Argentina - El Patagonico - Original Article (Spanish)

A Russian TU-160 strategic bomber flys over the Kremlin. Two of the aircraft have landed in Venezuala - not only to give President Hugo Chavez a chance to fly over Cuba and wave to Fidel Castro - but to send Washington a message: STAY OUT of our backyard - meaning Gerogia and Ukraine.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: In sympathy with Bolivia, Hugo Chavez expels U.S. Ambassador - withdraws his own from Washington - 'until a new U.S. president is elected,' September 12, 00:2:40 RealVideo

Caracas: The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, announced today that Russian warplanes are to land in his country to conduct joint exercises with Venezuelan armed forces, and he informed the international press that he intends to, "fly one of those beasts."


"Russian aircraft and strategic aviation which is capable of encircling the globe are coming to our country," said the President, as reported the Italian news agency ANSA.


"Russian planes, strategic bombers, TU-160s have landed in Venezuela, Yes. So that you feel the pain, little-Yankees, I'll even fly one of those things," he said.


"Little Yankees [Piti-yanquis]." Chavez has used that word repeatedly in recent weeks. It is used exclusively in Venezuela to disparagingly describe those who imitate United Statesians [Americans]. According to the Real Academia Spanish Dictionary, the expression comes from the French word petit (small).


Chavez added that it's "very possible" that joint military exercises with Russia will be held, which would solidify our strategic alliance, but he denied that he seeks to include Venezuela in a new Cold War between Moscow and Washington over the conflict in Georgia and the U.S. space shield, as his domestic opponents believe.


"They are running around like mad saying that Chavez has gotten Venezuela into a Cold War, that Russian communism is coming. This is how far this madness has gone - there is a television channel that claims this is happening," he said.





The president defended Russia's stance on resuming its strategic flight patrols "of the world," considering that the United States seeks to "encircle it."


In addition, he reiterated that talks with Moscow to buy submarines and an air defense system equipped with long-range rockets continue, and he announced that agreements with China have been signed for the purchase of training aircraft.


Continuing along these lines, he said that all of these actions are part of the formation of a "multi-polar world," which is one of the objectives of Venezuela's foreign policy.


"Foreign hegemony - the hegemony of the Yankee - is finished, and a multi-polar world is coming," he stressed.





































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