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Kayhan, Islamic Republic of Iran

NATO was Mistaken; But Congratulations to Libya


Do the theocrats in Tehran have the standing to look down on the likes of Muammar Qaddafi and Bashar al-Assad? After sniping at the West for its efforts in Libya, this editorial from Iran's state-run Kayhan warns the remaining African and Arab dictators that 'oppressive regimes should realize that their days are numbered', and sends 'felicitations' to Libya's revolutionaries.




October 22, 2011


Islamic Republic of Iran - Kayhan - Home Page (English)

Pandamonium: Amazed that the moment has finally come, a fighter with the Qaddafi resistance celebrates the death of the former dictator, Oct. 21.


PRESS TV VIDEO [IRAN - STATE-RUN]: Tehran coverage of Qaddafi's death, Oct. 22, 00:02:44RealVideo

The death of Muammar Qaddafi on Thursday, October 20, (the latest name to be struck from the list of Africa's so-called "Big Men") must bring a swift conclusion to NATO's unilateral mission in Libya. The seven-month invasion exposed strains and doubts even within the alliance - let alone the international community.


Some leading NATO members, particularly Germany, questioned the wisdom of the intervention from the start, with only eight of the 28 member states taking part in attack missions. The action also drew criticism from countries like Iran and Russia, which accused NATO of overstepping its U.N. mandate.


Killed by revolutionaries who overran his hometown of Sirte, Qaddafi topped the list of Africa's longest serving rulers, with 42 years of autocratic and often bloody and eccentric control to his name.   



Indeed, the death of the Libyan dictator should be a lesson for the remaining dictators in Africa and the Arab world. With those in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and soon Yemen long gone, other oppressive regimes should realize that their days are numbered and they had better step down before meeting similar humiliating deaths.


Just as importantly, as is required under the U.N. mandate, American-led NATO forces must immediately withdraw and allow the Libyan people to determine their own destiny in an atmosphere free of foreign intervention. They should also realize that Libyans know that the aerial campaign by the U.S. and NATO was never about freedom, but about oil.


Libyans also know that the U.S. government has a long history of backing dictators to acquire natural resources, more specifically oil. Once caught up in the middle of a revolution, imperialistic forces are similarly disinterested in saving those being killed; saying so is just a noble motive to shield their wicked agenda, and to support "revolutionaries"!


Nevertheless, the Iranian people extend their felicitations to Libya's revolutionary forces over the toppling of the Qaddafi regime. Through persistent struggle and resistance, they have finally achieved their objectives.





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The hope is that Qaddafi's death will open a new chapter in Libyan political life, end Libya's civil war, and prepare the ground for the formation of a democratic government to serve the interests of the Libyan people - and only the Libyan people.


The Libyan nation can be pretty much certain that their Iranian brothers will support their new government, and stand more ready and willing than ever to help them rebuild their war-torn country.

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