Kayhan, Islamic Republic of Iran

Kayhan, Islamic Republic of Iran

'Traitorous African Murderer' Wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize!


So what is the Iranian regime's reaction to news that President Obama has won the Nobel peace prize? For the Islamic Republic's state-run Kayhan, Kian Mokhtari writes in part, "Go award yourselves all you like, you pretentious, murderous, thieving scum; give yourselves as many awards as the shelves above your fireplaces can hold. That is a proper a place for such awards, for it will be to the fires of hell to which your souls return."


By Kian Mokhtari


October 10, 2009


Islamic Republic of Iran - Kayhan - Original Article

Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, Thorbjoen Jagland, shocks the world and apparently the U.S. president himself, by announcing that Barack Obama is the winner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Nobel Peace Prize awarded to President Obama for 'his extraordinary efforts to strengthen global diplomacy and co-operation between peoples,' Oct. 9, 00:01:30 RealVideo

Barack Hussein Obama, the first Black President of the United States, has been named winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Emitting false surprise, Obama won the prestigious award for his alleged call to cut the planet's stockpile of nuclear weapons and work for world peace. It's funny how the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, who for thirty years has called for the elimination of nuclear weapons, has never won the Prize.


Thorbjoern Jagland, chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, said that Obama is being honored "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples."


We are being incessantly told by the Zionist-sponsored press that Obama is the third senior U.S. Democrat to win the award this decade, after former President Jimmy Carter and former Vice President Al Gore.


The relatives and survivors of Obama's indiscriminate air attacks on Afghanistan's Farah Province might disagree with the decision, but we live in a world where the dispossessed, the disinherited and the oppressed have no voice.


And should they find a voice in places like the Islamic Republic of Iran's Press TV or indeed, Kayhan, their cries would be immediately be written off as state-sponsored propaganda.


So the Nobel Peace Prize can be awarded to a man who, given his false smiles and dilly-dallying with Zionist mass murderers of children, is little more than a traitor to the cause of humanity. So the supposedly prestigious Noble Peace Prize can be awarded to a killer of innocents who is about to send 40,000 more of his kind to Afghanistan to slaughter additional innocent people.


Heaven forbid a Muslim should talk peace and behave in a peaceful manner. He would be lucky to live out his life in peace!


There's has historically been a major discrepancy in the West's ravings - and what's been missing is called the truth. 




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How many “brothers from across 110th Street ” have moved into permanent homes since Obama came into office? How many have left a life of squalor and poverty sleeping under bridges to be helped back to health and dignity? And how many so-called veterans of America's wars still wander the streets, homeless and half crazed?


But oh yes, trillions of Mickey-Mouse dollars have been pumped back into the pockets of White boys employed in the military-industrial complex, a false economy which is about to drag humanity down under more lies and falsehoods than any human being can record.


So an African sell-out who murders women and children in Afghanistan can be hailed a man of peace by the very Zionist publicity machines that portray the real men of peace and honor as little more than war mongers.


Go award yourselves all you like, you pretentious, murderous, thieving scum; give yourselves as many awards as the shelves above your fireplaces can hold. That is a proper a place for such awards, for it will be to the fires of hell to which your souls return.


The prize, worth about a million euros, will be handed over to lovely Barack - with his sincerest smile - in Oslo on December 10.



“But those who reject faith and belie our signs shall be companions of the fire; they shall abide therein.” Holy Quran (as quoted in, Hadith Sahih Muslim 2.39).



































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