The Seabreacher Y personal submarine: Are ‘capitalist’ indulgences

like this a sign that the West is incapable of addressing the dangers

of the modern world?



Juventude Rebelde, Cuba

Fidel Castro: ‘Marvels of Capitalism’ Do Nothing to Relieve the World's Peril


Are people in the capitalist countries being inundated with trivia while the world hurtles toward catastrophe? In one of his less verbose commentaries, former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, in the pages of the state-run Juventude Rebelde, makes it clear the neither he nor his policies are responsible for the trivialization of the danger manacing the world thanks to modern capitalism.


By Fidel Castro



Translated By Miguel Gutierrez


April 1, 2012


Cuba - Juventud Rebelde - Original Article (Spanish)

Former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro: Love him or hate him, he is a man that has had an impact on history and continues to have a lot to say about his old adversary the United States and current events in general.

TELESUR NEWS, VENEZUELA [STATE-RUN]: Fidel Castro highlights crackdown on 'anti-capitalist' protesters in West, and says U.S. has imposed 'brutal and dangerous tyranny,' Apr. 2, 00:00:51RealVideo

The search for political truth will always be a difficult task, even in our time, when science has put such a great body of knowledge in our hands. One of the most significant breakthroughs was to learn about and investigate the fantastic power of the energy contained in matter.


The discoverer of this energy and its potential use was a peaceful, good-natured man who, despite his repudiation of violence and war, sought its development in the United States [reference to Albert Einstein]. This was during the Presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt, a well-known anti-fascist and leader of a capitalist country in profound crisis who had earned the hatred of the extreme-right of his own class by helping to save his country. Today this state is imposing the most brutal and dangerous tyranny that our fragile species has ever known.

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Cables from the United States and its NATO allies refer to crimes committed by them and their accomplices. The most important cities in the United States and Europe are witnessing a continuous string of pitched battles between protesters and well-trained and well-fed police equipped with armored cars and body armor. The police deliver punches and kicks and fire tear gas at women and men, handcuffing young and old alike, and displaying before the entire world acts committed against the rights and lives of citizens in their own countries.


How much longer will such barbarities go on?


Not to belabor the point, given that such tragedies will increasingly by presented on television and the press in general, and will not succeed in putting bread into the mouths of those who are least fortunate, I will cite just one report issued today by a major Western news agency:


“Much of Japan's Pacific coast could be inundated by a tsunami more than 112 feet high if a powerful earthquake hits offshore, according to revised estimates by a government panel.


“The panel of experts says any tsunami unleashed by a magnitude-9.0 earthquake in the Nankai trough, which runs east of Japan's main island of Honshu to the southern island of Kyushu, could top 34 meters at its highest.


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“An earlier forecast in 2003 put the potential maximum height of such a tsunami at less than 66 feet.


“The Fukushima plant was designed to withstand a 20-foot tsunami, less than half the height of the surge that hit it on March 11, 2011.


But there is no cause for concern. Another cable dated two days ago, March 30, can serve to reassure us. It comes from a very well-known news source. I will summarize:     


"If you were a footballer, Arab sheik, or manager of a large multinational corporation, what type of technology would you yearn for?


"Recently, a well-known luxury store in London opened an entire wing for technology lovers with bulging wallets.


"Televisions that cost a million dollars, Ferrari video cameras and personal submarines are just a few of the fetishes to delight the millionaire. But the million-dollar television is the jewel in the crown.


"In the case of Apple, the company is delivering new products to stores the day they are released on the market.


"Let us suppose we leave our mansion and are weary of prowling around in our yacht, limousine, helicopter or jet. We still have the option of purchasing a submarine for one or two."


“The options continue with rust-proof, stainless-steel cell phones with 1.2 GHz processors with eight gigabytes of memory and NFC technology for making payments by phone. There are even video cameras made by Ferrari."


Oh yes, compatriots, capitalism is really marvelous! Perhaps we are guilty of preventing all citizens from having personal submarines at the beach.


It is they, and not I, who have put Arab sheiks and managers of huge multinational corporations in the same bag as football players. At least the latter entertain millions of people and are not enemies of Cuba. I must clarify that.


Fidel Castro Ruz




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