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Global Geographic Weekly, People's Republic of China

The 'Color Revolution' Has Finally Spread to the U.S.!


Can President-elect Barack Obama's victory be classified, as has occurred in Ukraine, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan, as a 'color revolution?' According to this unsigned article from China's state-controlled Global Geographic Weekly, Republican misrule has ironically brought about exactly the kind of change in America that the Bush Administration instigated in these other nations. And given that this is state-controlled media, it's good to keep in mind that the 'color revolutions' occurred much to the discomfort of the People's Republic of China, which frowns upon anything that might give Chinese similar ideas.


Translated By Mark Klingman


November 5, 2008


Global Geographic Weekly - People's Republic of China - Original Article (Chinese)

The U.S. presidential election, watched so closely by the entire world, has finally given us its result. In the past, [the U.S. election] rules and guidelines haven't always reached a positive outcome - but the fact that the American people previously elected "the decider," no doubt helped these same people elect Obama, a Black man, the new U.S. president.


After over 200 years of White rule, Obama, a Black man, in one fell swoop successfully launched a "color revolution" and seized power. In recent years, the leadership of Bush's Republican Party has stirred up trouble all over the world, playing up the "Rose Revolution [Georgia ]," the "Orange Revolution [Ukraine ]," the "Tulip Revolution [Kyrgyzstan ]," and other "color revolutions." Well, this time a "Black Revolution" has played out in America's own land, and it was this color revolution that forced them from the stage.


Obama's victory has left a huge imprint on American history. Compared to Bush's "charge to keep," Obama is a "grassroots president," a self-created myth that is nevertheless exciting to ordinary people.



Early in the election, Obama faced a number of disadvantages. He had limited qualifications and lacked political experience. His background, his personal history, and his skin color easily brushed up against that most sensitive of American topics - race. He had no financial support from political elites in Washington and his connections were limited. Neither politicians nor the media were optimistic about his prospects, mainly because of the notion that "the American people aren't ready for a Black president." Conservative Americans would prefer an inferior White president to a Black or mixed-race one. As a result, people thought Obama's chances of winning were small. He would certainly, it was thought, be a semi-tragic figure who would pave the way for other candidates to come, but his campaign would soon die out in the primaries. Of course, that's all in the past now.


A Russian expert told me, "now that the U.S. president and Russian president were both born in the 1960s, it should be relatively easy for them to find a common language . "
































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