Barack Obama is probably one of the most protected people

in the world. But is it enough? …



Argumenty i Facty, Russia

Why Would Anyone Want to Assassinate Barack Obama?


"We know that the American consciousness is very hypocritical. They're all for equality, but they have nevertheless become accustomed to White domination."


-- Alexander Dugin, political scientist


Translated By Yekaterina Blinova


November 14, 2008


Russia - Argumenty i Facty - Original Article (Russian)

Sergey Rogov, Alexander Dugin and Maria Arbatova discuss rumors about assassination attempts against Barack Obama


Two people who were allegedly planning to assassinate Barack Obama were arrested, even before he became president [elect]. Once the results of the election became known, rumors of a planned assassination grew louder and louder. And recently, in the suburbs of New York, nearly two-dozen cars were spray-painted with calls to “kill Obama” - along with other racist expressions. Investigations into these incidents have already begun.


Paul Michael Schlesselman and Daniel Gregory Cowart, the two

neo-Nazis who this week were accused of plotting to kill Obama


In the meantime, we decided to seek the opinions of Russian experts: Who would want Obama’s assassination, why would they want it and will it really happen?


Sergei Rogov, director of Russia's Institute for the USA and Canadian Studies :


"From the moment Barack Obama was nominated for the presidency of the United States, there have been fears that he might share the fate of the country’s 35th president, John F. Kennedy, because there are many examples - John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King - which confirm that a tradition of political assassinations exists in America. Obama raises all sorts of emotions, and anything can happen. But I have a feeling that today, here, in America and the rest of the world, we have learned how to protect political leaders."


Alexander Dugin, political scientist :


"In the context of American history, Barack Obama is too atypical: he's the first mixed-race president. We know that the American consciousness is very pharisaical , hypocritical. They're all for equality, but they have nevertheless become accustomed to White domination. And therefore, in the various segments of American society, there are differing ways of adapting to having Obama as the nation's leader. I don't rule out the possibility that a serious assassination attempt is brewing among proponents of traditional White rule - and there are many of them. And setting aside the Anglican sects, there are other much larger such groups within the political system. On the other hand, those that oppose these forces, the Democratic Party and the Black population consciously emphasize the gravity of the situation to highlight the historic significance of electing a mixed-race president."



Maria Arbatova, writer :


I'm no expert on the methods of protecting American presidents. But I suspect that they aren't the world's worst. Although by the looks of it, there have been more presidential assassinations in America than there have been here. In fact I sympathize with Barack Obama, and not just because I am married to a dark-skinned man . The reason is that, according to the philosophy of feminism, the world is dominated by men – White, middle aged, of mediocre intellect and average intellectual capital … and the more “others” enter the picture, the better. Subconsciously, of course, everyone has his or her “wants,” but with Obama, somewhat different decisions will come than those that might have emerged from the previous president.






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