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Politically Correct 2012 Olympics Approached 'Fascism' (Yezhednevniy Zhurnal, Russia)


"The Ministry of Goodness, ready with a red-hot iron to punish acts of a politically-incorrect boyfriend, turns out to be surprisingly tolerant of Nazism of a different sort. ... Lebanese athletes refused to practice in the same gym as the Israeli team. This is not an unfortunate Twitter joke or a boyfriend’s Facebook post - it is pure racism."


By Yulia Latinina



Translated By Anastassia Tapsieva


August 22, 2012


Russia - Yezhednevniy Zhurnal - Original Article (Russian)

I don't like the Olympic Games. I find the Olympic movement to be a classic example of institutionalized good intentions ossifying into a rigid bureaucracy. It is the fate of all good intentions. Jesus Christ called for people to forgive one another, but Popes live in debauchery and simony. Francis of Assisi preached to the birds, but his successors have become Pharisees.


The Olympic movement is based, by and large, on a fundamental lie. According to its tenets, the competition is for amateurs - those who don't make a living on sport. In some cases the rule is relaxed, but overall it is still adhered to.


The truth is that the rule has long become self-righteous hypocrisy, because all athletes who participate at the Olympics train 8-10 hours a day. They simply have no time for anything else. In fact, this means that athletes can't make a living doing what they do, so must live off his state or Olympic committee. Thanks to this rule, the movement is led by clerks and not athletes.

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There are several other consequences to the rule.


First, each official wants to expand his organization. In the case of the IOC, this leads to an ever-multiplying number of sports, most of which, mind you, are of little interest to spectators and are inherently unprofitable, but give Olympic officials the right to demand ever-more money, which nations wanting to participate in the medal race are compelled to continue to give. Funny that curling is an Olympic sport, but karate is not.


Second, bureaucracies are not known for building systems for sustaining themselves. As a result, the Olympic Games are becoming more expensive, and Olympic venues increasingly disposable, which is perfectly acceptable to the bureaucracies of the host countries.


Third, every bloated bureaucracy sooner or later leads to corruption. The motives for the IOC's selection of Sochi [Russia] as host of the 2014 Winter Olympics are to say the least suspicious. I expect that such decisions, accompanied by follow-up vacations by Prince Albert to hospitable future Olympic sites, will become increasingly common.


And there is another detail. The London Olympics became the most politically-correct Olympics ever. And this political correctness is at a terminal stage - even approaching fascism. away, the head of the Greek Olympic Committee expelled triple-jumper Paraskevi Papachristou for a Twitter joke, "With so many Africans in Greece ... the West Nile mosquitoes will at least have homemade meals!!!"


The joke bordered on foul, but to ruin the life of someone who prepared for this competition for so many years is pure fascism. This is the Ministry of Goodness punishing thought crime. Nadja Drygalla, a member of the German rowing team, was forced to leave the Games because of a Facebook entry by ...  her boyfriend. The young man, Michael Fischer, was formerly a neo-Nazi. But according to him he has left the party and joined the right-wing radical - but legal - National Democratic Party of Germany. His Facebook post was that he was riding a train “amidst Blacks and Pakis.”


Nadja Drygalla herself says she disagrees with her boyfriend’s views and has argued with him many times over the matter.


This begs a question for the Olympic Committee: are you nuts, people? What’s next? Disqualification for a father? For a mother? For a grandfather who served in the SS? For a great grandfather who suppressed the Sepoy Mutiny in India?


But there are more incredible things. The Ministry of Goodness, ready with a red-hot iron to punish acts of a politically-incorrect boyfriend, turns out to be surprisingly tolerant of Nazism of a different sort.


For example, Lebanese judo fighters refused to train in the same gym as the Israeli team. This not a bad Twitter joke or a boyfriend’s Facebook post - this is pure racism. In theory, the Olympic Committee should have said: your demands contradict the Olympic spirit, so we are excluding you from the competition.


Instead, the committee separated the gym with a divider to protect the tender sensibilities of the Lebanese racists.

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Another example: this year’s Olympics included two female athletes from Saudi Arabia, Wodjan Ali Seraj Abdulrahim Shahrkhani and Sarah Attar. They refused to compete without a hijab. It would seem that the logic of the Olympic movement is simple: "Guys, this competition is devoted to feats of the human body. We are not imposing our standards on you, but if you don't accept them, then leave. Practice sports five times a day on a prayer rug facing Mecca if you like."



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Instead, the Olympic Committee allowed the athletes to compete wearing a hijab. What’s next? Perhaps other athletes will be obliged to wear the hijab to even the odds? Or Saudi Arabia will complain that its female athletes are bothered by the uncovered heads of women in the stands, so the Olympic committee will put hijabs on female spectators to avoid offending the delicate sensibilities of Saudi Arabia’s delegation?


In this case, the IOC mirrors the habits of international bureaucracy. International bureaucracy is ready to stamp out all references to the heretical notion of the superiority of Western civilization over some others. That said, let us note that the idea is likely to have no practical consequence whatsoever. Whatever is said on Twitter, Greece is certainly not going to war against Egypt. [A reference to an outbreak of West Nile virus in Greece].


Furthermore, international bureaucracy surrenders to other types of racism. It is a racism that affirms the superiority of primitive, archaic, medieval and fanatical cultures over Western civilization.


And let us recognize that these ideas are truly dangerous. From the demands of Lebanon's athletes is a direct route to Hezbullah ideology. And the hijab is not a harmless local tradition. It is a symbol of aggressive Islamist medievalism.


It is time to say: gentlemen and women, Olympic officials, you make me sick. What you are doing is not internationalism or tolerance. It is hypocrisy and cowardice. You are prepared to ruin a Greek athlete's life for an unfortunate joke, knowing that no “Greek Nazi” will retaliate by blowing you up; but you capitulate the moment there is the slightest danger that standing up for the Olympic ideal will hurt your delicate hides - or some Islamic sheikh might be offended at your refusal to allow hijabs at the competition.




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