Members of al-Qaeda address a crowd and take photos in Yemen's

southern province of Abyan, Dec. 22. They said they had no issues

with the Yemen Army, and warned civilians not oppose al-Qaeda.



Yemen Times, Yemen

Al-Qaeda Shows Up at Yemen Protest; Warns Yemenis Not to Resist


"More than 15,000 protestors, including members of al-Qaeda, gathered in Al-Majanah village, which had been attacked by the Yemeni Air Force ... Al-Qaeda members announced at the public protest that their war is against the United States, and not the Yemeni Army."


By Mohammed bin Sallam


December 24, 2009


Yemen - Yemen Times - Original Article (English)

Yemen President Ali Abdullah Saleh (above) blames Iran for stoking unrest in Yemen's Shiite south, where there has been a movement for seccession.


AL-JAZEERA VIDEO: Tension mounts in Yemen's parliament over government attacks against al-Qaeda; leading cleric sides with government and accuses Iran of meddling, Oct. 5, 00:02:43RealVideo

SANA’A: Human rights activists and members of parliament have gathered in front of the cabinet building to protest what they call, "unfair government behavior" and condemning the government's military attack on Abyan last week.


They demanded that an official committee of parliament members and activists be appointed to investigate. At the same time, they rejected the notion that al-Qaeda existed in Abyan, which was the reason given for the government's assault.


Lawyer and president of the National Organization for Defending Human Rights and Freedom, Mohammad Allaw, told the gathering crowd: "We suffer living in a country ruled by a government that doesn't respect the lives of its citizens and that exists to destroy their lives with American aircraft, as occurred in Abyan. I hereby call on all free people to condemn this policy and to organize events and sit-ins to protest the killing of innocent people in the name of fighting terrorism."


"Abducting free journalists and activists and closing down newspapers that criticize government actions will never stop us from speaking the truth on behalf of the people. Those who allowed the Al-Mahfad district in Abyan to be attacked are the ones who oppose national unity," he continued.


Fu'ad Dahaba, an MP of the opposition conservative Islah Party, said a state that doesn't abide by its own constitution doesn't deserve to exist. "Massacring citizens is a crime that history will never forget. Therefore, I call on all politicians, scholars and educated people, as well as all segments of society to stand against injustice and rid us of the current government, because it does not deserve to rule us."


At the same time yesterday, more than 15,000 protesters, including members of al-Qaeda, gathered in the Al-Mahfad district's Al-Majanah village, which was attacked by the Yemeni Air Force last Thursday. Al-Qaeda members announced at the public protest that their war is against the United States, and not the Yemeni Army.


In Yemen's Al-Mahfad district, the site of anti-al-Qaeda bombing

by the Yemen government, al-Qaeda holds protest defending its

plans to attack the U.S., Dec. 22.



Al-Jazeera showed part of the protests. Abdullah Ahmad Al-Raimi, an al-Qaeda leader who is on the government's Most Wanted List, was recognized in the crowd. Al-Raimi was extradited by Qatar. After serving three years of a four-year sentence, he escaped.


Just a few days ago, the government published his photo in several publications, calling him a "criminal at large." In the video he is seen standing with a bodyguard.



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Among the protestors were also several leaders of the Southern Movement, who have been aggressively demanding an independent state in South Yemen since last year.


[Editor's Note: South Yemen, also known as Aden, was an independent state until 1990, when it united with North Yemen.]


At the weekly press conference on Tuesday, Minister of Information Hassan Al-Lawzi denied there were any civilian victims of the air raid on Abyan and emphasized that the raid was only against elements al-Qaeda.


"President Saleh has ordered that a committee be established to investigate the Abyan raid, which will be headed by the governor of Abyan and other senior officials," Al-Lawzi said.



He added that the minister of state for defense and security, Rashad Al-Alimi, will present a report to parliament the following day, detailing the al-Qaeda plans that were foiled by the attack. The Yemen Times will work to obtain a copy of the report as soon as its available.


Al-Lawzi also discussed the 62 operations conducted by al-Qaeda since 1992, noting that by virtue of these activities, al-Qaeda had taken many innocent lives and severely damaged the national economy.



Also yesterday, the Interior Ministry confirmed that it has information that al-Qaeda in Lawder, a city in the Abyan Governorate, is planning to take revenge for the attack. The ministry has therefore directed security forces in Abyan, Shabwa and Al-Baida’a to intensify their operations against al-Qaeda. So far, strikes have been carried out against sites in Abyan, Arhab and the Capital Secretariat. About 17 al-Qaeda members have been arrested in the operations.







































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