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The Global 'Chemical Weapons Conspiracy' Against Syria (Tishreen, Syria)


Are the United States and Israel, in conjunction with the Gulf Arab countries, cooking up a scheme to intervene in Syria, similar to the one cooked up by the Bush Administration to invade Iraq? According to columnist Raghda Mardini of Syria's state-run Tishreen, Syria has no chemical weapons, and any claim to the contrary is just the latest false pretext for launching a war.


By Raghda Mardini


Translated By Talei Lakeland


May 3, 2013


Syria - Tishreen - Original Article (Arabic)

Syrian refugee children wait to receive aid from Turkish humanitarian agencies at a refugee camp in Syria, near the Turkish border, Dec. 22, 2012.


AL-ARABIYA, SAUDI ARABIA: Free Syrian Army spokesman rejects Russian investigation into chemical weapons use, Apr. 26, 00:02:07RealVideo

The recent pilgrimage of Gulf leaders to the White House - their new Kaaba - demonstrates that the objective of their trip was to create and implement a chemical weapons conspiracy. This has been expressed through indirect messages and statements of varying tones as part of a game in which doubt, certainty, denial and supposition are all used interchangeably.


And the scheme has been accompanied by a statement by Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, who, upon leaving Beirut, said, “Flagrant attempts by the West to exacerbate the Syria conflict are reminiscent of the scenario it used before the war on Iraq under the pretext that the country possessed weapons of mass destruction.”‎ ‎


The fact that the pilgrims [Gulf leaders] returned from Washington with new instructions to carry out constitutes a huge and ridiculous paradox, as pointed out by American historian Webster Griffin Tarpley [video below].


According to Tarpley, American claims about invading Iraq to deprive al-Qaeda a safe haven were nothing but a politically- and media-driven pretext for a U.S. attack, under the cover of weapons of mass destruction. He goes on to say that, “We see that the United States, as a matter of policy, is positively committed to bringing first Libya, and now Syria as well, under the control of terrorist gangs ... death squads, which we can only describe, and which the State Department itself describes, as satellites - branches - of al-Qaeda terrorism.”

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This brings us into the next phase in this new “chemical weapons” conspiracy against Syria, where, if there are any chemical weapons, they aren't going to be used. And in any event, how could they be used, if they aren't there in the first place?


America and her Western followers Britain, France, etc., in addition to her tools who crossed the Atlantic in competition to please her, know that they are in the throes of creating a new scenario, after the failure of past schemes prepared against Syria by their analysts. That comes on top of the failure of what American-Zionist think tanks have predicted and planned for.


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Two years after the beginning of events in the region, Syria has shown a resilience almost without equal. According to Oxford Analytica’s latest report and forecast for the second quarter of 2013, the coming period will be characterized by political divisions and weak economies, particularly in countries where the Muslim Brotherhood grabbed the reins of power, such as Tunisia, Egypt and Libya. Added to that will be what Syria’s neighbors experience as a result of the fallout from the crisis within Syria, or rather, the war being waged against it.


Even if Oxford Analytica predicts that Arab countries will see another 25 years of political, societal, economic and humanitarian setbacks, it acknowledges the capacity of the Syrian Arab Army to repel armed attacks by insurgents, in addition to attacks that may be coordinated later this year. And its report stresses that with a continuing deterioration of security in the country, violence in Iraq is expected to continue. And it confirms that cash will continue to flow from the Gulf to Jordan in order to keep its monarchy in place, which by the way, was created by Britain.


It goes on to say that, “Of course, the same applies to the preservation of the Moroccan monarchy, a fact that manifested itself a few days ago, when the Gulf states, including the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia - and Obama, helped hush up a report being prepared by global human rights organizations about violations Morocco has committed in the Western Sahara.”


So the issue at stake is as follows: there are new dimensions of conspiracy and a new game on the horizon, which has long been demanded by Israel, as it was, for example, when in 2003, it mobilized public opinion to back the lie of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.


Today, with the mechanism the West and its American and Zionist masters developed in Iraq clearer than ever, we can look at it in the context of a Syria intervention scenario based again on that ridiculous, laughable pretext - and one in which the “Gulf pilgrims to the White House” are bound to have been involved. One wonders what new roles and missions they, like puppets, were assigned, their strings being pulled by the American-Israeli global player, which endlessly preys on the beating heart of Arab nationalism - Syria.


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