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America Plans to Use al-Qaeda as Excuse to Seize Our Nukes


"If we think our main security threat is from extremist militants, then we need to think again. The American threat to our existence is becoming critical."




December 17, 2009


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The utterances of Vice President Biden have been known to drive friends and foes crazy. But along with the blossoming U.S. alliance with India, Biden's assertions that Pakistan's nuclear program is an American problem has positively driven Islamabad to distraction.


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U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has made it clear that Pakistan's nuclear weapons should be the prime focus of U.S. policy in the Middle East. In an interview with MSNBC on Tuesday, he declared, "our focus should be Pakistan and al-Qaeda in Pakistan and Pakistan's nuclear weapons." [see video below].


Now that the U.S. leadership has admitted to targeting Pakistan's nuclear assets, it's time to seriously reconsider our cooperation with that country, particularly in terms of military and security matters. After all, if the American end game in this region is to eliminate Pakistan's nuclear capability, how can any of Pakistan's state organizations be party to their agenda?


If some of the blinkered people in the establishment and government continue to fail to grasp America’s anti-Pakistan agenda, what, one wonders, do they think of Mullen's comments in Islamabad that the "Indo-U.S. nuclear strategy" is for the good of our entire region?” This is the first time we've heard of a joint "Indo-U.S." nuclear strategy. What exactly is that? [Editor’s Note: Mullen is Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff].


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The Indian nuclear doctrine, which advocates a first strike against "any WMD threat" from "anywhere," encompasses a highly aggressive nuclear war-fighting strategy. Is this to be a joint Indo-U.S. strategy for the region and beyond?


If so, then Pakistan is under direct threat. Given how the U.S. and India are cooperating on missile defense, it follows that the U.S. would embrace Indian designs for the Middle East as well. Translated into simple strategic language, this means rationalizing nuclear war rather than merely deterring it.



Also, if the U.S. has adopted a joint nuclear doctrine with India, then it is violating its international obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which forbids the United States from nuclear cooperation, not to mention military cooperation, with a non-signatory to the Treaty.


Given the joint U.S.-India nuclear agenda, it's clear why at the official and media level the U.S. has failed to move against the proliferation activities of India that have been well-documented by many sources, including U.S. think tanks.


For Pakistan, the threat from the United States is now clear. The threat lies in Washington's attempt to cripple Pakistan's nuclear capability by all means possible. They can't do it through military means, so they're attempting to identify target areas, and then, with the help of the U.N. Security Council, move in with al-Qaeda as a pretext for taking action.


If we think our main security threat is from extremist militants, then we need to think again. The American threat to our existence is becoming critical, not only in the form of now-threatened drone attacks on Baluchistan, but also in the form of targeting our nuclear assets.



There is also an unholy and growing alliance between militants and their foreign backers, which is why we need to delink ourselves from the United States and devise our own holistic strategies for combating multiple-level threats.



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