Navy Vice Admiral Richard W. Hunt, commander of U.S. Naval Surface

Forces, gives China Defense Minister General Liang Guanglie a tour of

a Naval Amphibious Base in Coronado, California. May 5. He is touring

U.S. military bases and meeting U.S. leaders to discuss U.S.-China ties.



China’s ‘Resentful’ Leaders (The Manila Times, the Philippines)


“How dare the United States continue to insist on being the world’s hegemon, when it owes China trillions of dollars? … U.S. military exercises with Filipinos, along with Vietnamese, Malaysians and Singaporeans, sends the message that America is still the real power in this part of the world, and not those in Beijing who have the ‘mandate of heaven.’”




May 5, 2012


The Philippines – The Manila Times – Original Article (English)

China resents America’s continuing power in the Asia-Pacific, which Beijing considers its own sphere of influence. Chinese leaders regard America as an outsider in Asia. That is why, when we insist that the Panatag Shoal or Bajo de Masinloc is our sovereign territory and not China’s - Beijing unjustly considers us Filipinos as mere pawns of the United States.



Beijing suspects Washington wants to continue being the shaper and lord of the Asian order, and wants China to have no say in the endeavor. How can the Middle Kingdom - the center of the Earth or perhaps the universe - be deprived of its heaven-mandated role? They detested hearing Secretary of State Clinton last April, speaking at the U.S. Naval Academy, say, “While the geometry of global power may have changed, American leadership is as essential as ever.” This is not the first time China has been incensed by American insistence on being the decider of how the world is run. How dare the United States continue to insist on being the world’s hegemon, when it owes China trillions of dollars?


America’s relations with the Philippines are of particular interest. Because with the Philippines as a U.S. ally and Americans and we Filipinos holding joint military exercises, China feels taunted. U.S. military exercises with Filipinos, along with Vietnamese, Malaysians and Singaporeans, sends the message that America is still the real power in this part of the world, and not those in Beijing who have the “Mandate of Heaven.”


With these types of exercises, China is made to look less than an imperial China superior to all other Asians.

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American military ties with ASEAN countries are mechanisms that guarantee U.S. dominance in the region - to the disadvantage of China, which would otherwise be the military boss in these parts.


Competing territorial claims in the South China Sea: China sees

the United States meddling, whereas other nations in the region

regard the U.S. as playing a balancing role.


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In the economic and political spheres, the United States also has mechanisms that in Beijing’s view, arrest China’s rise to the great power status its leaders think it deserves. What Beijing, which desires to replace Washington as master of the world, fails to recognize, is how the world has changed.


This is no longer a uni-polar world, as China itself has proven. China is now one of the poles of global leadership. The decisions on what kind of world order humanity should live under are being decided by many forces - and China is one of these forces.


The United State is and will remain one of these poles, and the most powerful of them all, for a hundred years or more. So is Germany a pole of power and leadership - and despite its problems, don’t forget Japan. And then there is India and [South] Korea. And one cannot forget the more economically and socially successful Latin American and African countries.


President Hu Jintao is right: China and the United States must learn to more deeply trust one another - and other major countries, too.




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