Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs Chairman

Admiral Mike Mullen testify before the Senate Armed Services

Committee, Sept 22. Pakistanis are outraged again, after Mullen

told the committee that the ISI, Pakistan's intelligence service,

is a 'veritable arm' of the pro-al-Qaeda Haqqani terrorist network.

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The Frontier Post, Pakistan

Pakistan's Feckless Leaders Must Respond to Mullen's 'Wild' Accusations


"Pakistanis are startled and perturbed at the stunning muteness of our elites. Their reticence to respond has confused our people out of their wits, leaving them dumbfounded, troubled and perplexed. … To build a story of success to deceive their own people and the world at large, America has peddled nothing but outright lies."




September 24, 2011


Pakistan - The Frontier Post - Home Page (English)

Photo from Ahmed Rashid's Taliban

Jalaluddin Haqqani, some time in the 1990s: A Pastun and a fierce leader of the resistance to Soviet occupation, he now leads a pro-Taliban group of fighters have been mounting increasingly effective attacks on U.S. and Afghan forces.


CBS NEWS VIDEO: Pakistan Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar answers questions about the new evidence linking Pakistani intelligence to the Haqqani network, Sept. 23, 00:02:16RealVideo

As the U.S. bluster against Pakistan menacingly gains viciousness by the day, Pakistanis are startled and perturbed at the stunning muteness of our elites. Their reticence to respond has confused our people out of their wits, leaving them dumbfounded, troubled and perplexed. Amazingly, across the board, the political leadership behaves as if American bullying, bluster and threats are none of its concern. No less disturbing is the quietude of the military command. Pakistanis would certainly have preferred to do without the evasive and philosophical treatise on perceptions delivered in lifeless diplomatic language by the minions in the Foreign Office.


[Editor's Note: The cause of this latest flare-up in Pakistani anger was this comment by Admiral Mullen before the Senate Armed Services Committee: "The Haqqani network ... acts as a veritable arm of Pakistan's internal Services Intelligence Agency. With ISI support, Haqqani operatives planned and conducted that truck bomb attack, as well as the attack on our embassy. We also have credible intelligence that they were behind the June 28 attack on the Inter-Continental Hotel in Kabul as well as a host of other smaller but effective operations." Watch full video below].



Neither were Pakistanis hankering for the mumbling of the foreign minister about America losing Pakistan if it continued its gaudy charade or the tardy response from the military command, such as the one its spokesman dished out on some news channels that rebutted the wild allegations of America and its Afghan sidekicks, which implicates Pakistan in the deadly strikes by Afghan insurgents on Kabul’s high-security diplomatic zone.


In the face of America's spiraling arrogance and jingoism, our people have no stomach for such meaningless jargon. They crave language that speaks at least a few blistering home truths that would bring the chicanery and deceits of America’s movers and shakers into the spotlight.


Indeed, the people of Pakistan were looking to hear a response that knocked the bottom out of this deceitful contrivance, which is meant to put a deceptive gloss on the Afghanistan collapse mounted by America's commanders and their political masters.


The Americans are really in a spot, which is unarguably of their own doing. They have been to Afghanistan for over ten years now, yet they have palpably and spectacularly failed in pacify it - notwithstanding the tall tales and boisterous braggadocio that hardly holds up against ground realities. To build a story of success to deceive their own people and the world at large, they have peddled nothing but outright lies, pretences and hoaxes to their embedded corporate media - albeit unsuccessfully. 



The harsh fact is that Afghanistan is more unsettled than it was when the U.S.-led raiders descended on, invaded and occupied it. North and west Afghanistan, which they craftily hold up as regions of relative peace, have in fact been divvied up between regional and local warlords who are often at each other’s throats, none of which are amenable to Kabul’s control.


The south still lives largely under the sway of the Taliban, as for the most part does the east. The less than infrequent deadly insurgent assaults on NATO security assets, right in the heart the principal city in the south, Kandahar, mock David Petraeus, the outgoing American commander of foreign coalition forces, who brags of having pacified the region.


Pakistan Army Chief General Ashfaq Kayani meets with U.S.

Joint Chiefs Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen, at a NATO meeting

in Spain, Sept. 16. Pakistanis are outraged again, after Mullen

told the Senate Armed Services Committee that Pakistan's

intelligence service, the ISI, is a veritable arm of the Haqqani

terrorist network, and helped plan a recent attack on U.S. forces.


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And revealingly, the U.S. military’s much-touted Mirjah hoax is also coming apart. This cluster of villages where the U.S. occupiers have paid for security by bribing tribal elders is still very much the abode of Afghan insurgents, who are also expanding north and west.


The occupiers of Afghanistan, Americans in particular, are increasingly haunted by their shenanigans and by the CIA’s subversive covert activities aimed at destabilizing the neighborhood, a purpose for which they have made Afghanistan their hub.


Deep within Afghanistan, the CIA has incubated a veritable state, swarming with the non-Pashtun and mostly Tajik Northern Alliance, who are congenitally anti-Pashtun, anti-Pakistan and pro-India. After ages of trying, Tajiks, together with other minorities, were able to grab the reins of power in a land traditionally ruled by Pashtuns or their appointees. So while this hidden state, with the CIA’s blessing, has worked meticulously to keep the mainstream political doors blocked to Pashtuns, it cunningly fanned the flames of anti-Pakistan animosity while creating space for India to embed itself in the country. 


So as a result of their own devious methods, the Americans are in an Afghan pickle. They have alienated the Pashtuns, while they confront an insurgency that is in fact an upsurge of Pashtun nationalism against them. Meanwhile, the Tajiks and other minorities are also angry with them over U.S. plans to withdraw by 2014, since this will deprive them of the support they need to survive in a polity with a Pashtun majority. But above all, peace has doggedly refused to return to the occupied country, a fact for which the Americans have vilely selected Pakistan to pay for.


One would have thought that our political and military leaders would have huddles to come up with a coherent way to respond to America's mounting jingoism against our nation. Yet they have not.


At least at this late hour they must do so. Let the defense minister and army chief come out at a press conference with a response befitting America's churlishness. If American Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and top U.S. soldier Admiral Mike Mullen can publicly hurl wild accusations and arrogant threats at Pakistan, why can't Defense Minister Ahmed Mukhtar and General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani speak some home truths in America's direction?

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