Afghans protest rocket attacks that have killed dozens of people

along the border with Pakistan. Pakistan says that while battling

militants crossing into Pakistan, fire may have hit Afghan civilians.



The Frontier Post, Pakistan

Co-opted U.S. Media Will Always Blame Pakistan


"This conformist media of theirs is in no small way responsible for the irretrievable quandary they are experiencing in Afghanistan. Had the U.S. media been truthful and independent rather than compromised, as it has essentially been, it would have reported realities rather than producing fictions."




July 17, 2011


Pakistan - The Frontier Post - Home Page (English)

Is the mainstream U.S. media compromised, dishonest and otherwise controlled by the American political class and military? A tremendous number of people around the world are certain that it is.


MEMRI VIDEO: One of Pakistan's leading up and coming politicians, Imran Khan, explains why U.S. aid Is destroying Pakistan., July 15, 00:07:57RealVideo

The word is out on ISI chief Pasha's confabulations with his U.S. interlocutors in Washington. Among other things, the Americans have agreed to avoid using media to pressure Pakistan. But will they? They must be kidding! For them, media is not only to deceive their own people and mislead the global community - but is a battalion of war that the spirit of Joseph Goebbels, acts conspiratorially to project victories where none exists and muffle defeats that are legion. And unarguably, this conformist media of theirs is in no small way responsible for the irretrievable quandary they are experiencing in Afghanistan.


Had the U.S. media been truthful and independent rather than compromised, as it has essentially been, it would have reported realities rather than producing fictions. Very early on after the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, this may have brought home to the American people and their Western allies that instead of fighting, their warriors were cooped up in cages - ISAF contingents in Kabul and the American expeditionary force in Bagram. Public chagrin may well have shamed them into showing a bit of soldiering.


But as they kept continued sitting on their protected haunches munching on pistachios and hamburgers, for five long years American media kept its guns trained on Pakistan. The upshot of their fictional tales was that Pakistan's security forces weren't fighting and were allowing the fleeing Taliban and al-Qaeda rumps to sneak into their territory. Never have they paused or given their global audiences a break from their fictional barrage to consider whether Afghanistan's invaders had an equal responsibility - if not a bigger one - to prevent the Taliban and al-Qaeda's fleeing remnants from crossing into Pakistan.


Of course, when he had no reason to retreat - and eager to court America's blessing for his illegitimate usurpation of power, Dictator Pervez Musharraf took this barrage lying down - loathsomely, sheepishly and defensively. Culpable as always, the invaders, because of their sheer spinelessness and blatant cowardice, spectacularly failed in their essential task. But Musharraf kept quiet. Even when the Taliban launched attacks on targets hundreds of miles from Pakistan, and the conformist U.S. media misled their audience by shouting that the invaders had come from Pakistan - he kept his mouth shut.



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But as this embedded and compromised media was obsessed by denigrating and demonizing Pakistan and its military, a larger reality was about to become an albatross around the necks of the invaders. The fleeing Taliban, who had returned to their homes, their families and their tribes, were regrouping, reorganizing and rearming to take on the invaders. And somewhere in 2006, when the invaders left their Kabul and Bagram forts, the whole of Afghanistan's east and south was under the sway of Taliban and other insurgent groups, with large chunks under their total administrative control. The invaders now, failingly, are endeavoring to reclaim the south and east. Yet American media are continuing its old game, talking of victories that are more fantasy than reality.



Nevertheless, the realities on the ground mock invader claims of having subdued the south. And the recent statements of their outgoing commander, General David Petraeus, that coalition forces would now move into the east is a clear confession that this vast territory has never been under invader control. Indeed, they are finding it hard to confess that they've lost the Afghan War and concede defeat. So they will continue using their conformist media to put the entire burden of their collapse on Pakistan. U.S. media will undoubtedly keep it up as spiritedly as has until now.


Therefore, from this media, at the behest of the invaders, their commanders and their political bosses, Pakistan is destined to get all the blame. It's as simple as that. Their deal with the ISI chief will be just that - an agreement on paper, only for show.


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