Pakistan soldiers comfort one another along the Pakistan-

Afghan border, June 1. Among many other complaints, Pakistan

suspects that recent attacks by heavily-armed Taliban from

across the Afghan border must have had tacit NATO approval,

or reflect the incompetence of NATO forces.



The Frontier Post, Pakistan

Is NATO Incompetent, or is it Complicit with Taliban Infiltrators?


"Given their demonstrated timidity and cowardice, it's possible that the occupation armies in the border regions may have preferred allowing the raiders entry to Pakistan rather than running the risk of casualties by challenging them. But NATO complicity in this cannot be ruled out. In fact, it's quite possible."




June 18, 2011


Pakistan - The Frontier Post - Home Page (English)

President delivers his long-awaited address on the U.S. pullout from Afghanistan, which dissapointed hawks and doves alike. Watch video below.

C-SPAN VIDEO, U.S.: President Obama addresses Americans on his plan to withdrawal U.S. troops from Afghanistan, June 22, 00:13:40RealVideo

In strength and in military style, infiltrators from Afghanistan have struck our territory again. This time, the attack came in a populated, forested expanse of Bajaur Agency's Mohmand tehsil. It was a fierce battle in which automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades were used, and which killed at least five, including three women, and injured eight. Just a few days ago, heavily-armed gunmen from across the border likewise seized a string of border villages in the Upper Dir district, which left them depopulated after inflicting a heavy toll of death and injury in two days of bloody fighting. Then, too, they took several residents hostage and took them away. These two incursions, occurring within such a short span of time and involving hundreds of lethally-armed invaders should ring bells in Islamabad. This is all the more true, as the border regions of Afghanistan's Kunar-Nuristan, from where these assaults originated, are not only under the supreme control of U.S.-led NATO forces, but are not part of the upcoming transfer of security responsibilities to Afghan security forces as occupying troops begin drawing down next month.††



Given all this, these raids are intriguing phenomena that ought to jolt the "great" minds in Islamabad. As far as U.S.-led NATO forces along the Afghan border, the fact that raiders by the hundreds could cross the border carrying heavy weapons without ever being intercepted unambiguously reflects either incompetence, complicity, or both. After all, the incompetence of Afghanistan's occupiers stands out as resoundingly as do their utter spinelessness and lack of fighting spirit, notwithstanding the tall tales and braggadocio of their commanders and the effusive congratulations showered on them by their political bosses. They've been there now for almost ten years. Yet, according to a U.N. survey, over 70 percent of occupied Afghanistan remains under the sway of Taliban and other insurgent groups that are expanding their writ to the rest of the country. Even the troop surge failed to stem the tide of insurgency. Only on the paper of NATO commanders have marvels been achieved; on the ground, there have been none.


Indeed, the occupying militaries have been so incompetent and gutless, that for most of the past ten years, they haven't been fighting, but cunningly whiling away the time by making a punching bag out of Pakistan. They've been busy papering over their own infirmities, foibles and failures and quarrelling among themselves over who should assume the responsibility of actually fighting in this theater of occupation and war.



Given their demonstrated timidity and cowardice, it's possible that the occupation armies in the border regions may have preferred allowing the raiders entry into Pakistan rather than running the risk of casualties by challenging them. But NATO complicity in this cannot be ruled out. In fact, it's quite possible.


Let us recall the operation to pacify the Bajaur Agency, launched by the Pakistan military sometime ago when it was being rocked by a vicious insurgency. When it was in the works, the operation was known to the occupation forces. Yet the moment the Pakistan military mounted the operation, they quite intriguingly and instantly rolled up all of their border posts. This left the border wide open to infiltrators, who moved into the agency comfortably and in strength to fight on the side of the local insurgents and supply them with huge amounts of deadly weapons that flooded in across the border. So the question of NATO complicity cannot be dismissively brushed aside. It would be fatally foolish of our Islamabad hierarchy not to take a penetrating look into the possibility.


Also relevant to this, President Karzai, when questioned about the episode in Upper Dir at a press conference during his recent visit to Islamabad, expressed ignorance and promised to investigate. Whether his ignorance was feigned or not is irrelevant. What matters is the investigation. Because if these ever-more frequent attacks on Pakistanís populated border areas by infiltrators from across the Afghan borders is due to occupier incompetence, it bodes ill and reflects a very worrying situation. And if it is due to NATO complicity, it spells disaster for Pakistan. Hence, in no event should the Islamabad hierarchy sleep through these incursions from Afghanistan. Pakistan must demand answers both from Kabul and the occupiers. It must probe into this deeply until it knows precisely what's going on and prepare itself for any eventuality.



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