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Karzai Finally Awakens to American Treachery


"Even though it has been true from day one, it is only now that he has spoken out, asserting that the occupiers are in Afghanistan for their own interests. … Altruism has never had much to do with foreign interventions. These are most often motivated by the self-serving interests of the interventionists, as the Iraqis have learned to their great distress."




June 20, 2011


Pakistan - The Frontier Post - Home Page (English)

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai: Is he being shunted aside as the U.S. confucts peace talks with the Taliban?

C-SPAN VIDEO, U.S.: President Obama addressed Americans on his plan to withdrawal U.S. troops from Afghanistan, June 22, 00:13:40RealVideo

It should come as no surprise. For quite sometime, American media has been publishing leaks that the U.S. administration has been talking to the Taliban. But as the fog clears, an ugly reality has emerged out of the haze. First - it appears that Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai hasn't been part of the talks. The Americans may have told him they were in contact with the Taliban, but they've been keeping him out of the loop. That much is obvious after his angry public outburst the other day.


If the Taliban were invited to it as a separate group, he said his government wouldn't attend the upcoming Bonn conference on Afghanistan. Sadly, Karzai has woken up too late to the great game that has been going on. Even though it has been true from day one, it is only now that he has spoken out, asserting that the occupiers are in Afghanistan for their own interests.


Altruism has never had much to do with foreign interventions. These are most often motivated by the self-serving interests of the interventionists, as the Iraqis have learned to their great distress. The increasingly lethal terrorist attacks in Iraq are in reality evil works engineered to raise political and public pressure for a prolonged stay by U.S. occupation forces, which are scheduled to vacate Iraq completely by year’s end.


Karzai, too, should have understood that the occupiers, particularly the Americans, were there not just to dismantle al-Qaeda or topple the Taliban. They had larger objectives, as should have become clear to him when the Americans pressured him to agree to a permanent U.S. military presence after the 2014 deadline for the withdrawal of foreign combat forces and the transfer of security responsibility from occupation troops to the Afghan army and police. In fact, since the beginning, in Karzai they had a mere showpiece, while their real interests lay with the Tajik-dominated Northern Alliance.    



Although the Western media, that powerful propaganda machine wielded by the U.S.-led occupiers, has managed to camouflage many Afghanistan realities from the outside world, being an insider, Karzai couldn’t have been completely unaware of them. He couldn’t have been ignorant of the fact that until the end of Bush’s presidency, the Afghan war was conducted by the CIA. And all the way through, Karzai has played the role of a U.S. satrap of a conquered state. Long before the invasion, the CIA had established a close and lasting rapport with the Northern Alliance, which it took under its wing. And after the Taliban were ousted, the CIA gave this coalition of Afghan minorities a powerful role in Kabul's ruling dispensation, with Karzai merely warming the presidential seat and the Alliance in actual control.



The independent posture Karzai now flaunts is undoubtedly hard for the Americans to digest. It seems that Washington is out to sideline him from peace talks in order to include elements of the Pashtun majority, which in the past had been foolishly shunted from the power. In this way, the U.S. seeks to leave a broad-based but pliable government ruling the country after the occupiers withdraw.



America's move at the U.N. to separate the Taliban and al-Qaeda on terrorist watch lists is intended to encourage the Taliban to join the reconciliation process. But the real intent is to give Americans the chance to poach Taliban weaklings from the list and marginalize Karzai and hardcore Taliban. With the seductive power of the greenback, the U.S. may succeed in its ploy. By manipulating this powerful tool, they may even be able to maneuver Karzai out of office. But they will not achieve peace.


The only hope for this, as bleak as it is, would be a purely Afghan-driven venture. Not dirty tricks from the occupiers, which will instead ensure that Afghanistan remains a cockpit for the intrigues and plots of rival outside powers, jostling to remain in this very turbulent land.


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