President Obama and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

after Obama's arriving in New Delhi. Singh broke official protocol

to meet President Obama at the airport.



The Frontier Post, Pakistan

While in India, Obama Ignores Pakistan and Kashmir at His Peril


"America may have Pakistan and India separated in its mind, but for Pakistan, the Indo-U.S. strategic partnership is a direct threat to its own security. Obama would do well to remember that, along with the critically important 'K' word, as he romances India."


November 6, 2010




Pakistan - The Nation - Original Article (English)

Members of the All India Students Federation of Inida protest President Obama's arrival. The group, affilliated with the Indian Communist Party, says the U.S. wants to impose his capitalist policies on the country. Inidan Mulsims also protested President Obama's arrival.


AL-JAZEERA VIDEO: While Kashmiri separatists are hoping Obama will show some support for their cause, the issue is unlikely to be discussed during this trip, Nov. 6, 00:02:05RealVideo

Even as President Obama suffered a massive blow in the midterm elections and with Republicans gaining control of the House, he prepared for his visit to India by giving a statement on India's ambition to become a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council (UNSC). He pointed out that this was a difficult matter, as was India's desire for a relaxation in U.S. controls over the export of sensitive, dual-use technologies. Obama's statements were part of an interview given to the Press Trust of India, in which he also declared that Pakistan had a responsibility to bring the perpetrators of the Mumbai attacks to justice, ôtransparently, fully and urgently.ö Of course, nothing was said on Kashmir, and clearly Obama is going to steer clear of that issue while in India. He should know, however, that simply ignoring it to please India's rulers won't make the issue go away, and unless the Kashmir conflict is resolved, Obama's desire to see India as a global power cannot be fulfilled.


While India and Obama may want to steer clear of the Kashmir issue, the Kashmiris will make that difficult. They have already issued appeals to President Obama seeking U.S. intervention to resolve the conflict and pressure India to stop its human rights abuses in Occupied Kashmir.


Even Obama knows that there's a limit to how far he can rationally go to appease India, as was reflected in his remarks on permanent membership in the U.N. Security Council. India should also realize that as long as it continues to flout Security Council resolutions on Kashmir, as long as it continues to abuse and repress Occupied Kashmir, its aspirations of becoming a permanent member of that body have little credibility.


Unfortunately for Obama, he goes to India as a much weakened President. The midterm election results have been a sharp rejection of his policies, especially in regard to the economy. He has to set his economy in order, which means cutting expenses, which means ending military operations in Afghanistan - a major drain on the American economy. For the U.S. to have anything approaching a respectable exit, however, it requires Pakistan's cooperation and support. The administration must realize that even the mostly compliant current Pakistani leadership can't go along with every U.S. demand without reciprocity and with a continued U.S. bias toward India - especially in military affairs. á




Nevertheless, Obama's visit will be a major propaganda coup for India, which it will exploit against Pakistan. In fact, the trip begins at the Taj Hotel in Mumbai, where families of the victims of the terror attacks will meet Obama. There will be lots of Pakistan-bashing by the U.S.-India combine.


America may have Pakistan and India separated in its mind, but for Pakistan, the Indo-U.S. strategic partnership is a direct threat to its own security. Obama would do well to remember that, along with the critically important ôKö word, as he romances India.


Map of Jammu and Kashmir: Perhaps the most

ignored and least understood potential flash

point on earth. [click for map jumbo version]


[Editor's Note: India and Pakistan have fought four wars over what was once the "princely state of Jammu and Kashmir," and which, from 1846-1947, was ruled by a British Satrap called a Maharaja. When India and Pakistan became states, Jammu Kashmir became disputed territory between the two. While Jammu Kashmir is majority Muslim, it wanted to maintain its independence, which led to the first Indi-Pak war. Eventually, Maharajah Hari Singh signed the Instrument of Accession "acceding to the dominion" of India. Pakistan rejects the agreement because of the area's majority Muslim population. Other countries that came into being as a result of the Partition of India were Burma, Napal, Bhutan, and the Maldives.]



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