Is India being rewarded for nuclear misbehavior?: India's first nuclear

blast in 1974; Former Prime Minister Indira Ghandi inspects the site.



The Frontier Post, Pakistan

U.S. Gives 'Original Sinner' India a Nuclear Free Ride


Has the United States, its Western allies and even the world, favored India at the expense of Pakistan? According to this editorial from Pakistan's Frontier Post, Since India began its nuclear weapons program just after independence in 1946, 'Americans and their Western sidekicks' have sought to reward it, while seeking to punish Pakistan just for reacting responsibly to counter the Indian threat.




June 20, 2010


Pakistan - The Frontier Post - Original Article (English)

The India-U.S. nuclear deal: While the U.S. needs to keep India 'on side' as a counterweight to China in a fast-changing world, many worry that offering New Dehli access to nuclear materials outside the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty may have gone too far.


BBC NEWS VIDEO: Pakistan's dispersal of its nuclear weapons raises U.S. terror fears, 00:05:20, June 11, 2009RealVideo

General Tariq Majid, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, has commendably done some straight talking. This was imperative to put the international jokers so frantically out to decry and undermine Pakistan’s nuclear deterrence in their place. The general is right: Pakistan is now a declared nuclear state, which is an inexorable reality that better be recognized by the international community. The mischievous specters being raised about Pakistan’s nuclear assets falling into undesirable hands must also cease. Their bogey men are too obscene to have even a leg to stand on.


Since they are so crucial to our defense, Pakistan's nuclear establishment wouldn't leave securing such assets to chance. The general forcefully brought up how Pakistan's pursuit of nuclear weapons wasn't a choice, but a compulsion. As a matter of fact, a wealth of newly-published evidence establishes beyond doubt that while Pakistan was producing isotopes for the treatment of disease and the production of new seed strains for agriculture in its nuclear facilities, India was well on its way to building a nuclear weapon. It was a venture embarked upon by India’s first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, soon after independence - with the active support of the Western powers. It was his daughter, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, who detonated India’s first nuclear bomb during her premiership in 1974, ironically labeling this vicious weapon the, “Smiling Buddha.”


Since India's vile nuclear adventurism came only three years after she broke up Pakistan with her military adventurism [the Bangladesh Liberation War], Pakistan's security concerns were naturally exacerbated. Those concerns rose dramatically as the world community, rather than reining in India's nuclear pursuit, sought to punish Pakistan. All sorts of pressure and embargos were imposed - including a halt to all military supplies from the United States, where the troops were equipped predominantly with American weaponry.


Appallingly, while Pakistan was kept roasting on the spit, India was left free to move ahead with its nuclear weapons program. When, in May of 1998, India conducted a series of shocking atomic tests, there was much feigning and posturing of outrage in the world's capitals - but no punishment. But sanctions on Pakistan came quick and fast the moment it reacted with its own testing in the face of torrents threats and bluster flowing from New Delhi. Today, that persistent discrimination against Pakistan and consistent favoritism of India has donned new clothes.     



Even though India is the sinner that was guilty of unleashing the nuclear genie in the region, the Americans and their Western sidekicks have sought to reward it. Obviously, having been seduced by a lucrative Indian nuclear trade worth something like $100 billion, the Americans have given the original sinner against nonproliferation a deal. America's Western sidekicks have teamed up to get the deal endorsed by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Nuclear Suppliers Group, opening up the planet's nuclear storehouse to New Delhi, so it can buy whatever it wants for its civilian program - thus creating all the space it needs to freely and abundantly keep up with its nuclear weapons pursuits.



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Russia and France have already concluded nuclear deals with India, while in her first Asia visit, U.S. Secretary of State Clinton went straight to India and chose two locations for ventures by American nuclear manufacturers and businesses. Not only are America and its Western allies loath to give such deals to Pakistan, but the Obama Administration has openly come out against two nuclear power plants that China has agreed to build to help Pakistan combat its painful electrical shortage.


The U.S. administration has left no doubt that it would oppose China's deal with Pakistan when it comes up for approval before the Nuclear Suppliers Group, even though Beijing has made it absolutely clear that the deal conforms to all IAEA safeguards. And since the group makes its decisions by consensus, the fate of the deal is uncertain if not outright impossible at this point in time.


So much for the Obama Administration’s new strategic partnership with Pakistan - about which hierarchies in both Washington and Islamabad are regaling our ears about so tiresomely and jarringly.

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